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Photo of the Week 59

Photo of the Week 59
I'm having a bit of a kick on cats this month.  I've got a few cat pictures which will be featured as our "Photo of the Week" for the month of October.  Make sure to tune in every Friday to learn a bit about the cat we've selected to talk about.

This first cat technically belongs to my father but, since my stepmother is allergic to cats, she stays with my grandmother.  This cat has also decided that my grandma is her undisputed person.

My grandma loves cats.  There has always been a cat around when I was young.  I learned to love cats from her.  This particular kitty is the latest in a line of felines which call her their owner.

While she may look soft and fluffy, this cat has attitude.  If she is upset, she will hiss.  It's actually rather easy to get her to hiss.  She's that snooty of a cat.  Hissing is about all she does besides leaving the area.

When she joined the family, she was already declawed on her front feet.  I'm not sure that she would be much danger even if she had them as she seems to be "more bark than bite" if you'll pardon the dog reference here.

This photo was not difficult to take as most of my cat photos are.  She sat there prim and proper when I posed her on the couch.  She kindly sat there as long as I needed to get a few shots in too.  As animal subjects go, I couldn't have asked for better there.

Her long fur coat is luxurious when it's not too hot outside.  Her Himalayan breeding is obvious from her coat colors and sky-blue eyes.  She is my grandma's constant companion and we hope she will remain so for a few years to come.

Portrait of a long haired cat on a couch in Chino, San Bernadino, California professionally photographed by Cramer Imaging

Because this is a family portrait, it is not being offered for sale.  If you are interested in learning more about our family pets, tune in next week when you will meet another of our pet cats.