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Photo of the Week 60

Photo of the Week 60
Friday has arrived.  True to our theme for the month, we introduce another beautiful family cat to you.  This week, our "Photo of the Week" features my sister's cat.

This cat may not be the most pretty animal I have ever seen but she is an absolutely sweet cat.  This overcomes much of what I see in her color scheme for me.  She loves attention and will purr up a storm if you will give her the time of day.

She joined the family one day when a neighbor came and gave this tiny starving kitten to my sister and told her that this was "your cat."  There was a cat overpopulation problem in the neighborhood at the time.  The kind neighbor was getting the animals fixed as she could afford it, but things had gotten tight and no one else was pitching in to help.

My sister took that statement to mean that the wet and skinny kitten she was now holding belonged to her.  She has been attached ever since.  It seems that the kitten returned the favor by choosing my sister back as her person.

Currently the youngest cat in the house there, this cat has been a happy and spoiled rotten pet ever since.  She's not too keen on having my 18 month old nephew toddling around her but no animal is with kids that age.

For this shot, I caught her napping on my sister's tennis shoe.  It was a bit of a struggle to get her to wake up and look at the camera long enough to photograph, but it worked out.  She was predictably very grumpy about being woken up in the middle of a nap.

Portrait of a tabby cat on a shoe in Chino, San Bernadino, California professionally photographed by Cramer Imaging

As this is a family pet portrait, it is not available for sale.  However, if you would like to learn more about some of our family pets, tune in again next week when we unveil another of our family cats.