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Photo of the Week 61

Photo of the Week 61
In keeping with our October "Photo of the Week" theme, we introduce yet another of our family pets.  We hope that you are keeping up.  This week, we are featuring my in-laws' pet cat.

This adorable photo was one I thought I had lost forever.  I apparently had deleted almost every copy I had of it including RAW files.  Thankfully, my spouse found a copy I did not know existed.  From that, I was able to recover this image and process it up to perfection.

This cat, as previously stated, belongs to my in-laws.  She joined the family a few years ago when a neighborhood cat had kittens in the garage.  They were discovered and I had to see the kittens.  Thanks to a winter rodent infestation problem, one of the kittens was already marked to join my in-laws.

This cat, during the process of domestication, would climb up the pant leg of my father-in-law's jeans and snuggle up on him to take a nap.  He was surprised when I pointed out to him that this particular action meant she had chosen him as her person.  He had never had a cat like him before.  He fell for her hard and fast after that.

She is a dirt-rotten spoiled kitty cat.  There are soft places around the house for her to curl up when she wants a nap.  When she wants brushed, all she has to do is walk over to the brush and put her nose on it and he will oblige.  He has been known to do this twice a day or more.

Thanks to sharing, she has developed a taste for liver sausage and Glucerna.  I don't think that sharing people food with her is healthy nor proper, but she loves it.

One strange quirk about her is that she hates loud noises like the train, lawnmower, or the vacuum.  She will run and hide if she hears any of those.  It used to be that we would not see her for hours.  That has since shortened some.

For this shot, I was playing around with a new camera and I noticed the cat seated where she is depicted.  Thanks to the holiday season, we had a pumpkin awaiting carving.  It was far too cute to not snap a shot or two.  Getting one in focus was more fun on a new camera.

I was delighted the day when this image could enter my portfolio on a permanent basis.

Professional quality pet portrait of a gray tabby cat with a pumpkin in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho by Cramer Imaging

Thanks to this being a family photo, it is not being offered for sale.  Do stay tuned next week though when you can meet another of our family pets.