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Photo of the Week 62

Photo of the Week 62
I think I'm biased, but I've saved the best for last.  Now it's time to introduce my cat to all of you.  She is this week's featured "Photo of the Week" and I think you all are in for a treat.

Meet my cat.  She comes from the same litter as my in-laws' cat.  We featured their cat last week.  You couldn't even tell these two cats had the same mother if you looked at them.  My cat is twice the size of her sister and a lot huskier than her as well.  She's not fat, she's just solidly built.  Her sister is a mere 6ish pound cat and dainty.

I have a cat that loves to please me.  She seeks me out almost every morning and night for love.  She loves sitting in my lap for long hours at night.  I frequently describe her as "aggressively mushy."  You cannot ignore her when she wants some attention from you.  She makes it very difficult to do so.

This sweet girl has a condition known as heterochromia.  This simply means that she has two different colored eyes.  Her left eye just never changed colors.  It's still the same kitten blue it was when she was born.  It's not that uncommon in certain breeds of cats but for what she is, it is quite unusual.  Everyone who sees her eyes loves them and even comments on how wild they are.

This cat used to love to play.  She would chase after feathers on strings and pipe cleaners (her favorite).  Since she has caught both a bird and a mouse, toys are no longer interesting to her.  We've tried to reengage her but to no avail.

She is really attached to us.  She knows what it means to see us pull out our Scout uniforms.  She often makes a pain out of herself by sitting on one or more pieces of our uniforms.  It's like she thinks that we won't leave her if we can't get all of our uniforms so she sits on them.

This shot was one of those where she posed for me.  She was resting on the back of the couch, in the manner you see here.  It caught my attention so I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of her.  She even seemed interested in the camera when I did so.

Cramer Imaging's awarded professional quality pet portrait photograph of cat on couch in color on black and white background in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho

This photo is a member of my award-winning collection.  Thanks to it being a family photo, it's not being offered for sale.  Thank you for following our series on our family pets.  We hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit about them.  Now back to your regularly scheduled "Photo of the Week" features.