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How to Choose the Right Fine Art as a Christmas Gift

How to Choose the Right Fine Art as a Christmas Gift
Choosing the right kind of fine art for someone you don't know very well can be a real problem indeed.  People that you know are less difficult to choose for.  Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can get a clue on what to shop for.

Professional quality nature photograph of pine branches dripping with water in Caribou National Forest near Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho by Cramer Imaging
Fine art can be seasonal or otherwise.
While there are no hard and fast rules of how to choose fine art for someone else, there are a few really good ways to help ensure that your selection is not a complete failure.  The first place to start is with what you know about the person to whom you are gifting this art.

People You Know Well

Have you visited this person's house?  If you have, you have a pretty good idea of what to look for thanks to what you remember from the established house decorations.  You have a good idea if your Christmas list someone likes classic style art and design or has a more modern approach to things.

In case you need a little more help there, check out these questions.

Cramer Imaging's professional fine art photograph of a railroad or train bridge over a river between Fremont and Madison counties, Idaho
This photo may not go with a colorful design scheme but should work well both framed and printed on metal.
  • Where there already lots of pictures on the wall?  This can help you gauge what size to get.  More pictures suggests a smaller size would be better while less suggests you have more flexibility here.

  • Was the general decor more modern suggesting a more abstract image is appropriate or would the decor be more complemented with a more classic-looking landscape or nature image?

  • Would a more ornate or a simple frame go with the furnishings more?  Is a wood or a metal the way to go?  Would a frame even be appropriate with the decor?  Metal prints and gallery wraps work great when a frame doesn't.

  • What kind of artwork is already being displayed?  Will the image that you select go with what is already there?  This is sometimes a difficult question to answer.  Choose carefully.

Another really good idea for determining the right fine art is to look at what the individual or spouse does for a living.  Farmers would generally like rustic and farm themed fine art.  Railroad workers generally like something train-themed.  Patriotic themed art would be a strong bet for people in the military.  High stressed individuals generally like something soothing and calming to look at.

Professional landscape photograph of farm equipment pivot line in Ririe, Idaho by Cramer Imaging
Professionals like to have photos of their work sometimes.
Another big hint is to look at what this person does for hobbies.  Car enthusiasts will love photos of their cars or their dream cars.  Artists, though notoriously picky, tend to like pieces that display skill or that are a bit off-beat.  Hunters and outdoorsmen like wild landscapes and trophy animal images.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of the Idaho Falls Temple spire at sunset in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho
Someone not of the Mormon or LDS faith might be insulted with a fine art piece like this.
A final lifestyle consideration is what church this person belongs to, if any.  Religious people like art that displays something to do with their religion.  They feel the need to display what they believe for the children they are often raising.

This suggestion might be the easiest for some people but do be careful if you don't know what you are doing in this area.  Choosing a religious image can come off as generic and thoughtless on your part.  Also, the wrong image can send a very hurtful message no matter how unintentional it was.  People also don't like to be identified solely by their religion either.

Discerning the fine art personal tastes of those you know well can be a lot easier than it sounds initially.  This can make shopping for the right piece of fine art much easier than it sounds as well.

People You Don't Know Well

For someone you don't know as well, it can be difficult to gain access to these kinds of clues.  For these situations, all is not lost.  There are still ways to get into this individual's head and choose something wonderful.

Professional quality fine art music photograph of a low key wooden acoustic violin body close-up shot by Cramer Imaging
Musicians generally love pictures of their instrument(s) of choice.
You can start with what you can access off of social media.  You probably are at least Facebook friends with this person.  Check out his or her wall.  See what kinds of photos, not memes or article pictures, that he or she likes and shares.  You can check out your own feed for things like this as well.  Other social media accounts are not quite as easy but it still can be done.

Professional quality nature macro photograph of blooming white wildflowers against green in Tetonia, Teton, Idaho by Cramer Imaging
When in doubt, picture of flowers like this one, landscapes, and wild animals usually work out well.
Instagram and Flickr will show you what this person has actually gone out and liked if you visit the correct screen.  You can also check out their Pinterest boards that you have access to and see what has been pinned.

Other image-based social media accounts, as they become popular and you know the person in question has an account, will work similarly.

Some people might not have all or any of these accounts.  In those cases, you can contact someone closer to this individual and get a better idea of what to purchase for your Christmas list someone.

Spouses and siblings work great if they can keep secrets.  Children, depending upon their age and reliability with secrets, can also be a good source of information.

If all else fails, most people will not say 'no' to a tastefully done landscape scene.  There's a reason why that type of photography is so popular and ubiquitous.


Choosing the right fine art for someone as a Christmas gift does require a bit of detective work if you are planning it as a surprise.  However, it need not be a huge burden or a scary task.  With a little research, fine art should be an easy and thoughtful gift on your this this holiday season.

Now that you have some idea of what to look for when selecting fine art for people, head on over to the Cramer Imaging store.  You can find something amazing for some of those tricky people on your list who deserve something special and different this year.