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Photo of the Week 66

Photo of the Week 66
It's once again Friday.  Before you decide to lose your focus entirely in favor of the weekend, don't forget to check out our featured "Photo of the Week."  This week, we are showing this shot of the Snake River in a canyon.

This photo is one of those moments when you need to look behind you.  The scene in front is so amazing that you can forget to look over your shoulder and see what else there is.  I took the time to look and captured this shot that day.

We took a trip up to Upper Mesa Falls.  It's a couple hours away.  We took the hike on the boardwalk out to see the waterfall up close.  It's a few minutes hike from the parking lot.

I took an amazing and award-winning photograph of the waterfall that day.  However, I turned around and looked up the rest of the canyon.  This is an instinct that I have had to cultivate but it pays off more times than not.

I saw quite the scene up the rest of the canyon, as you can see.  The direct overhead light was terrible but that's just how it worked that day.  The clear and unobstructed view shows the river twisting down into the tree line before the edge of the photograph.

We recently took another trip to Upper Mesa Falls to try another shot of the falls.  I wanted to retry this shot too if I could.  It was not possible.  The trees had grown up in front of the platform so that you can no longer see down the canyon.  I'm glad I took this shot a few years ago as I can't redo it.

Scenic landscape photograph of the Snake River and trees near Harriman State Park, Idaho professionally done by Cramer Imaging