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Photo of the Week 67

Photo of the Week 67
It's Friday again.  Not just any Friday, it's Black Friday.  Now that you have gorged yourselves on the early morning deals of the stores, it's time to relax away from the craziness of holiday shopping.  Take a minute or two to enjoy something other than satisfaction over your shopping conquests.  Check out our featured "Photo of the Week."

Since today is the official kickoff of the Christmas season, it's only fitting that we select a holiday image as our chosen "Photo of the Week" for today.  We have selected this image of a Nativity scene to fill this position.

This beautiful Nativity scene is carved out of a solid piece of olive wood.  It was purchased in Bethlehem for a pretty penny.  I do know someone who took a trip there and this person let me use this exquisite figurine for my photo project.

Being that the tone of the wood is very bright, it needed a darker backdrop for contrast.  I felt that it needed something to reflect a bit of what it is made from.  This green did just the trick.

As you can probably imagine, getting the shadows just right on this photo was not easy.  I had to do several takes just to make sure that I had the inside properly exposed so you can see the Nativity scene carved in relief.  Then I had to worry about shadows on the outside as well.

I did all kinds of juggling with different strobes on stands to get things just right.  It was a real test of my acrobatics in photography lighting.  It worked out in the end though.

I thought I had something really nice until my spouse pointed out that this photo looked way too much like product photography for the project I was working on.  This was disappointing and frustrating but I got to work with filters.  Thanks to a little grunge filtering, this photo looks amazing.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality stylized fine art photograph of an olive-wood Christmas Nativity scene with green background in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho