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The Beauty of Autumn's Red

The Beauty of Autumn's Red
The leaves of the season have been a popular photographic subject for me lately.  The dazzling golden yellows, the brilliant oranges, and the crimson reds are simply gorgeous.  They must be photographed.  They just beg for it.

I love the colors of Autumn leaves.  I keep chasing them as a subject every time that the season rolls around again.  Red is one of the colors I want the most when I see these leaves.  It's bold and it's beautiful.

Finding the right color of leaves is not always the easiest.  Lots of trees around here change leaf color to yellow and then to brown before they lose them.  Not so many trees go into the deeper tones of red and orange.  Because of this, these kinds of colorful leaves can be a big difficult to locate around here.

I noticed this gloriously red tree across the tracks one day.  The leaves were simply beautiful and red.  I wanted to add that color to my fall leaf photo collection this year.  The pity was that the light was terrible that day.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of bright red Autumn or fall tree leaves against a dark background in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho

One a day with better light, I hurried out with my camera in hand.  It was a rather cold and miserable day for early Autumn so I bundled up a bit for the weather.  I was not going to let some drizzle deter me from revisiting this tree.

Fighting a bit of wind, I patiently took shot after shot.  I was hoping that at least one would turn out.  Wind has a tendency to blur subjects like leaves in photos.  Careful timing around the gusts got me the image I wanted.

This shot to me celebrates the glorious red color of the season.  All the leaves are the same tone and brightly showing off the red hues of light.