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5 of My Favorite Fine Art Christmas Images

5 of My Favorite Fine Art Christmas Images
I've been working on fine art photography for a while now.  I have some photographs that I love and some that I'm not so fond of.  Since it is now Christmas time, I thought that I would share with you a little about some of my favorite photos that are Christmas-themed.

Professional quality stylized fine art photograph of a Russian doll Christmas Nativity scene in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho by Cramer Imaging

This photo started out as a hope at some Christmas-themed cover art.  The Russian nesting dolls with the Nativity scene were so interesting that I could not resist getting a chance to photograph them when presented with the option.

These dolls actually do come from Russia.  Someone I know took a cruise in that part of the world and picked this up there.  I was grateful I could borrow them for this shoot.

When processing them, my spouse pointed out to me that some of my photos, like this one, looked a little too much like product photography.  I went about trying to style them up and the tile filter used here did just that trick.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of a Christmas wreath, candle, and ornament in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho

Here is a photo that took some compilation to create.  I had some elements but needed some inspiration to assemble.

Once the inspiration hit, I noticed that there was still something missing about the composition of the photograph.  It lacked that extra something special to take it from a pile of Christmas decorations to something amazing.

A simple star or cross filter on my lens added just what I needed.  Once the rays were dialed in perfectly, this image was born.

Quality photograph of the Salt Lake City Utah Temple at night with Christmas lights professionally shot by Cramer Imaging

Who that lives in this part of the world cannot appreciate the look of the Salt Lake City Temple when the trees are all decorated up with Christmas lights?  It is a sight to see for sure.

I understand that they only use the red lights, like this, every other year.  I happened to get this photo when they were using the red lights.

Temple Square is full of beautiful lights during the month of December but it is difficult to get a shot like this while actually in the square.  This shot comes from standing across the street and choosing my location very carefully.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality stylized fine art photograph of a Christmas Nativity scene with rocks in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho

This photo was part of a series taken for cover art.  Though the client chose a different version, I like this image the best.

The base of this image is a lovely Nativity set that looks like it was made of wood.  It's not save for the stable.  The rest is a combination of recreating the look and feel of the desert region of Bethlehem.  The rocks you see in front are rocks actually picked up from Israel.  Someone I know took several trips there and let me borrow those rocks for this shoot.

The washout sepia tone really completes the stark and harsh feel of the desert.  It's a hard life out there and this image really conveys that.

Professional quality fine art product photograph of a Holy Family Christmas figurine in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho by Cramer Imaging

This final but beautifully stunning image is one that underwent a serious transformation.  This figurine of the Holy Family is not actually in the colors you see displayed before you.  That's correct.  If you were to see this figurine, you would see it entirely in pastel colors.

One of my favorite parts of this image is that it so beautifully emphasizes what Christmas is all about and where it came from.  Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ.  You can like or dislike that particular fact but you cannot change it.

This image shows the maternal and paternal bond that Mary and Joseph had with Jesus.  It is often something that we overlook this time of year in favor of giving gifts.  The first Christmas gift was the gift of a child with a specific mission to fulfill.