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Photo of the Week 68

Photo of the Week 68
Another Friday has come so it's once again time for our "Photo of the Week."  This week, at Cramer Imaging, we have chosen to feature this festive still life photo arrangement of Christmas decorations.

This photo concept began as a part of a cover art photo shoot.  I was commissioned to create the cover art for an original Christmas song and its sheet music.

I worked through lots of ideas on what to do for the cover art.  I tried various arrangements of Christmas-themed decorations in hopes of getting that perfect shot for the cover.  While this image was not selected, it added immensely to the options offered.

Arranging a still life shot like this may look easy but it's far from it.  You must make sure that you have the right combination of decorations for the image.  You must also make sure that there is not too many or too few objects to shoot.  Balance and coordination is highly important.

I tried a few different decorations and removed those that did not work for this shot.  I realized that, while I had the right combination and coordination of objects, the image lacked some kind of star-quality.  It was missing that extra something.  It turns out that the missing element was literally star quality.

With my star filter added, I found that extra touch with the lit candle.  The image was complete and only required me to open the shutter for the right amount of time.  Once I did, this image was born.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of a Christmas wreath, candle, and ornament in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho