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Winter Settles In

Winter Settles In
Now that Christmas is over, we get down to the business of surviving the rest of winter in as good a shape as we can.  Thanks to the extra snow which has been falling lately, this winter has not been as dreary as others before it.  There is light and there is white outside.

It's sometimes difficult to balance all the needs of our business along side each other and along side all the personal commitments we have.  However, Christmas break has been a much needed relief as has the well timed snow.

We braved the misery of the cold and the wind in order to add to our winter landscape portfolio.  It was in sore need of an update.  Here is what we have now added to it.

Cramer Imaging's professional nature landscape photograph of a blue toned solitary tree standing against the snow in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho

The freshly fallen snow blanketed this field and turned a dreary and dead-looking patch of grass into something bright and delightful.

Thanks to the bad road conditions, we decided to try something a little more local than some of the sites I was wanting to check out.  I would prefer not to die in pursuit of a photograph which might not work out anyways.  Just my personal preference there.

I tried a few of the trees in the area, but found that this particular young tree was the best for the landscape shot I wanted.  The blue ambiance of this image makes me shiver as I remember how brutal the wind was on my hands that day.  I was just as happy to return back home for a warm drink afterwards.