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Landscapes in the Snow

Landscapes in the Snow
There's been a lot of snow lately and the Tendoy district of the Boy Scouts of America decided to hold another Klondike derby for the boys.  We took our boys there for a day trip as we don't want to do the sub-zero winter camping.  While there, we got to see some beautiful scenery.  It begged for me to take pictures of it.

Thanks to the cold temperatures lately, the road out to the Klondike site was especially beautiful.  The bushes were full of ice crystals and the trees still carried a lot of snow in their branches.  I wished I had my camera but I was there for a different purpose.  I made plans to return on Monday with my camera.

When Monday rolled around, we made the trip out to the Klondike site again and planned for stopping along the way for several photos.  Sadly, Sunday's weather was significantly warmer and the beautiful ice crystals had melted away.

We pressed on to the actual camping site and tried for some photos of the snow caves.  They weren't as photogenic as I had hoped.  The scenery, however, held some promise.  I tried for lots of different ideas but, as usual, only a couple ended up working out for me.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape nature photograph of black trees against very blue sky and snowy hills in Bannock, Idaho

I found myself drawn to the snow drifts and hills which were untouched by the teenage boys a couple days before.  As I wanted a wide and sweeping landscape shot, I had to make sure to pick just the right view.  This one was one of many angles but it was about the only successful scene.

A tiny little bit of Photoshop magic turned this rather bland landscape scene into something dramatic and beautiful.  The color shift makes the scene look crisp and cold just like it was during Klondike.