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Photo of the Week 75

Photo of the Week 75
Hey everyone.  Guess what?  It's Friday once again.  You all know what that means.  It's time to announce Cramer Imaging's featured "Photo of the Week."  For this week, we have a chilly winter photo of snow on a chain link fence.

Photographs like this have to be carefully timed.  They can only be taken when the snow is freshly fallen.  That's when the snow is in the right place to make this shot.

This photo came because of a morning winter storm which coincided with some morning business we had.  We knew that we would be sitting around for a while so I took my camera to entertain and occupy myself.

When I had a free moment, I went outside and walked around the building to see what I could photograph.  This fence caught my eye.  The problem was that there was something I didn't want in the picture just behind it.

The repeating pattern of the chain link fence combined with the snow was something I thought I could work with as long as the building behind it was removed.

It took a few attempts at positioning until I could get the undesirable background out of the frame.  Once I did, this photograph was born.

Professional quality fine art photograph of a snow-covered chain link fence in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho by Cramer Imaging