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Photo of the Week 76

Photo of the Week 76
Friday has arrived.  It's that special day at Cramer Imaging when we reveal our choice for "Photo of the Week" and tell you a little bit about it.  This week, we have chosen to feature this photograph of the Idaho State Capitol dome. 

This photo was born when we took a trip across the state to Boise.  We had some business to take care of there so we made the trip.  It seemed like a good opportunity for us to drag our camera equipment along too so we did.

Once we navigated the complicated street layout and the poor parking situation in downtown Boise, we made a stop in the capitol building.  We had my camera in tow for any and all photo opportunities we would find there.

The design of the building was just begging for some architectural photography.  I'm sure that others have had the same feeling but this was my turn.

I was most interested in the inside of the dome.  I tried several different ideas and positions in order to experiment.  The straight on shot was not working for me at all.  I decided to try including an angle up one of the pillars to see what would happen.

When we got back, I went to check out all of my photos.  This was the perspective which worked for me.

Professional quality fine art photograph of the Idaho State Capital Dome in Boise, Ada, Idaho by Cramer Imaging