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Top 5 Ways to Drop Hints to Your Husband for Valentine's Day Gifts

Top 5 Ways to Drop Hints to Your Husband for Valentine's Day Gifts
Valentine's Day is coming up soon and now is the best time to make sure your husband knows what you want as a gift.  The problem is how to make sure that he gets you the right gift and not something, such as a treadmill, that will make you feel bad and get him in trouble.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a classic pink rose with water droplets against brick background in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
Roses are a common Valentine's Day gift but if you want them, make sure he gets the message clearly.  If you don't want them or have an allergy, he needs to know that too.
The obvious question here is how to get your message across.  It's a well known fact that men don't often get the message even if it's blatantly obvious.  You need a way to communicate what you want to him in a way he won't miss or misunderstand.

Men and women communicate differently.  Men often do not to get subtlety at all.  Women on the other hand tend to hint at things.  This could partially because women are trained by society not to be assertive, or because they want their men to pay attention to what they're hinting at.

If you want your husband to pick up on hints, you might get one that does, but it's likely you're going to have to learn to apply your hints with a sledgehammer and even then he might occasionally miss them.

While much has been written or said on the subject, we're interested in the practical upshot of how you get your husband to acquire you what you're hinting at for Valentines day.  Of course, this principle applies to Christmas, birthdays and more.

1. Tell Him Directly

Since men lack subtlety, the easiest and most straightforward method of "hinting" to him is to say "I want ... for ..." such as "I want flowers for Valentine's Day."  "I want a trip to Cancun for Christmas."  Whatever it is, he'll generally get it if you come straight out and say what you want.

Most men will thank you for being simple and easy to understand.  Of course this doesn't necessarily need to be verbal, you could text or email or leave a note if you want.

2. Create a Wish List

If you can't come out and say it directly to him for whatever reason, you could try something like a special Amazon or similar internet wish list.  He can look at it and pick something he knows you want. You still have to be direct with him and let him know where to look.  This has the advantage of letting your gift be a surprise to you.

3. Indirectly Tell Him What You Want

If you have to be more subtle or feel you can't be so direct, you could let him overhear you talking to a friend or family member something like: "I hope he gets me... for Valentines day."  That has the benefit of deniability for you and lets him "surprise" you with something.

4. Give Him Pictures

Similarly to the wish list, you could give him a catalog with several (or one) items circled in it.  Get used to the idea that you're going to have to tell him that you want something from it.  If you don't he's most likely not going to be interested in looking through it unless it's a magazine or catalog he also is interested in looking at.  Even then, unless you tell him he might just miss the clue.

5. Have Someone Else Tell Him

Give a list of items to someone else to tell him "Hey, your wife mentioned that she hopes you get her ... for Valentines day."  He can even feel clever for finding out what you're hinting at without having to read what, to him, are a long list of incomprehensible hints.


Ladies, the single best way to get what you want from your man is to be direct and blunt about it.  Any of these methods will do the trick but cloak-and-dagger methods will not cut it here.  You will only doom yourself to continual disappointment and him to the permanent doghouse.

If you take this advice, you will find that your romantic holiday is much more satisfying and fulfilling for you in the gift department.  Your husband will thank you in so many ways.