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Photo of the Week 78

Photo of the Week 78
Once again, Friday has arrived and it's time for us to unveil our pick for featured "Photo of the Week."  For this week, we have chosen something a little different from the portfolio.  We selected this photograph of a trumpet in low key lighting conditions to feature.

This photo starts out with my time as a musician in school.  I started playing the trumpet in elementary school and continued through into college.  I had this instrument as my trumpet of choice for several years.

Once I became a fine art photographer, I started envisioning this particular image.  It took me a while to solidify what I wanted to do with it.  I learned about the low key technique and realized that this was exactly what I was seeing inside my head.

Once I finally set down to create the photo, I ran into some immediate challenges I didn't anticipate.  While getting the lighting right was tough, it wasn't the worst problem.  I didn't think about the highly reflective nature of the brass finish on my trumpet.

I took photo after photo and very disappointed to see my reflection in every shot.  I finally realized that I had to find a way to hide myself from the process or everyone would be able to see me and my camera setup forever in the shot.  I now understand why photo studio wall are painted black.

With that problem solved, I turned to making sure that only the highlights of the trumpet's form were accented.  I wanted just enough for the viewer to realize the subject is a trumpet in the blackness.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of a trumpet in low key light in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho