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Fog Rolls In

Fog Rolls In
Sometimes, opportunity presents itself in strange times and in strange ways.  Such is the case with this particular photograph.  It was a cold night and I wanted nothing more than to stay inside and stay warm.  However, that was not what I needed to do.  I was rewarded for my sacrifice that night.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of four blue-toned street lights in the dark and fog of Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
It all started late one night a few weeks ago when my spouse walked in and told me that it was foggy outside.  It's the first I had heard about foggy weather for a while.  I couldn't let that chance slip away with the daylight so I had to brave the cold for the shot.

It took a bit to decide what kind of photograph we could try for in the dark with the fog.  Most of the traditional shots are out thanks to the lack of light.  Then I remembered some of the misty photos I have seen with street lights.  This was my chance to try for one of those shots.

Choosing a location wasn't easy either.  I eventually elected on the local mall parking lot since there was plenty of fog and lots of street lights.  This was my best chance to try for a foggy photograph that night.  Once I found a spot to set up my tripod, I made sure that I bundled up against the icy wind.  It was a bit of a long shot thanks to the temperature.

After I got what looked like a promising few shots, I quickly packed up and headed back home.  I wanted to warm up fast.  Then it was down to the culling and the processing to make one or more of the photos I took into a work of art.

The first time around, I worked the image into something that looked amazing.  It was cold and dreamy but there was a little problem which was driving me crazy about it.  I was seeing what looked like a grid pattern in the lighter elements of the image.  That was entirely unacceptable.  I had to shelf this photograph.

On another pass, I checked again just for fun.  I decided to see if the grid pattern was connected to a digital noise issue I had recently discovered.  Sure enough, when the noise was removed, so was the grid pattern and the image was clean again.