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Photo of the Week 81

Photo of the Week 81
Once again, Friday has arrived on schedule.  That means it's time for something exciting.  It's time for us to announce this week's "Photo of the Week."  In light of the fact that spring is coming soon and so are the early spring flowers, we have chosen one to feature this week.  This beautiful purple crocus flower is our "Photo of the Week."

Early spring in Idaho is a rather nasty time of year.  The snow is melting and exposing the dead and brown landscape once again.  When the frost leaves the ground, the pools of melted ice become mud.  There is also lots of sand left over from the winter road traction efforts.  All in all, I really don't like this time of year.

However, there are a few perks which help make up for it.  The early spring flowers are just one of those things.  Our earliest flowers are the spring crocuses.

So, braving the blowing wind and the cold, I went out with my camera a few times hoping to capture these early beauties.  It's not easy to do so when your hands go red and numb from the cold and wind.  The wind also makes life difficult when trying to photograph something so easily blown about.

It is also a difficult matter to get the right angle on these flowers.  They are so short.  I practically have to lie down on the ground in order to get the angle I want without including something I don't want like the side of the house.  This introduces hand shake and inconsistency as well.

I went for the close-up almost macro feel with this flower.  This was a small plane of focus and it was difficult to keep the subject sharp between my unsteady hand and the wind.  I'm still not sure just why I get so lucky sometimes.

I love the contrast between the deep and darker greens of the surrounding vegetation against the bright and lighter purple and white tones of the variegated purple crocus.  The single visible stamen adds just the right pop of orange color to an otherwise cool toned image.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art nature photograph of a purple crocus flower with green background in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho