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The Magic of Waterfalls

The Magic of Waterfalls
We had some business in Idaho Falls last week.  While we were there, I brought my camera in hopes of a little photography practice.  Since I had to wait for the business to conclude, it seemed like a reasonable thing to do with my time.  What I didn't realize was that there was something in it for all of you too.

I decided to start at the green-way.  That seemed as best a place to start as any.  It's designed to be a nature area and has a beautiful scenic vista.  I didn't plan on staying there long but our business concluded much faster than I anticipated.  Did you know that it's really hard to hear a cell phone ring over the roar of a waterfall?

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature and fine art photograph of the Idaho Falls temple and waterfall landscape in Bonneville, Idaho
I wanted to get the iconic shot of the Idaho Falls temple out of my system so that I could check out other creative avenues while I was there.  Since that location is popular with water fowl, I had hopes of trying for an animal photo, perhaps of one of the birds flying.  By the way, that is a difficult shot to get and all my attempts that day were failures.

What I did not anticipate, while shooting, was just how my starting concept would turn into one of my best photos that day.

I managed to have the viewing platform all to myself for most of my expedition.  This gave me to have a unobstructed view of the falls and the temple behind it.  Thanks to winter still clinging there, the bare trees gave me more of a view of the temple than I would have with all the trees leafed out.  Normally, nothing but the spire is visible from this angle in warmer weather.

Once I had that shot, I started trying for some more creative ideas.  Several of them didn't work, but that's normal for a photographer.  One that did was the following image.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of colored water and foam dripping in sheets in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho

I noticed, on the car ride over, that the water in the Snake River was not flowing over the falls like normal.  It was instead sheeting over the dam and giving off a great deal of foam in the process.  This only happens when the river is exceptionally low.  However, this "low tide" was fortuitous for me.

This image was not particularly interesting until I got it into Photoshop and started some style work on it.  Then it really came alive.  It gained a magical quality to it which really intrigues me.

Let me know in the comments what you think about these new acquisitions coming out of my practice session.