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Photo of the Week 87

Photo of the Week 87
Springtime is in full force and so are the flowers.  It's also Friday which means that it's also time for Cramer Imaging's featured "Photo of the Week" announcement.  For this week, we have chosen to feature this photograph of delicate pink peach or nectarine blossoms blooming on the tree.

Honestly, this photograph started out with me seeing another photographer posting a similar photo on Facebook.  I decided that I wanted to have a similar photo in my portfolio.  Unfortunately, the fruit trees had not started blooming yet.  I kept an eye open for when they would.

Once they finally did open up with flowers, I had another problem to deal with.  It was our wonderful Idaho spring weather.  When it wasn't raining or blowing, I had to deal with terrible direct sunshine.  That was not what I wanted for this shot at all.

When a day arrived where I had some cloudy skies which were not pouring with rain, I started shooting pictures.  I went for all the fruit trees but paid particular attention to the peach and nectarine trees with their pink and short-lived flowers.  They have such a small window of time in which they bloom.  I was determined I would not miss it that year.

The reason I went for both of these trees is that they are really the same kind of tree.  Nectarines have a small genetic mutation which removes the peach fuzz from their skin.  Other than that, they are identical trees and fruits.  This meant that I could do two for one on the fruit tree photography.  I wasn't going to miss out on that opportunity.

Shooting up at the branches of both trees with a telephoto lens can be heavy and tiresome.  I often found that I needed to take a few quick breaks just for the sake of my arms.

I also had a difficult time with the depth of field I wanted for this shot.  I thought I had it several times but there was something just not right.  I tried several different aperture settings before finding the one that worked out the way that I wanted.  It put the forward branches and flowers in focus but still let you see that there was more of a tree behind.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art nature photograph of pink peach blossoms blooming on a tree in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho