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Photo of the Week 88

Photo of the Week 88
It's once again Friday: the end of the work week, one of the most celebrated evenings there is.  It's also the day that we, at Cramer Imaging, share out pick for "Photo of the Week."  This week, we have chosen to feature this photo of flower petals on green grass.

Every time that I pull out the camera, I'm looking for some kind of shot.  Once I get the traditional shots out of my system, I start looking for something different.  It could be a different angle, an original subject matter, or something else entirely.  That is the story of this photograph right here.

I was done with taking tree photos that day and looking for something else.  Options were limited when it came to the springtime theme I was going on that day.  Then I noticed the sheer volume of flower petals fallen from the neighbor's apple trees.  It peaked my interest.

There was something about the grass, which was returning to green, and the whiteness of the flower petals which drew my attention.  I liked the contrasting colors.  I did, however, have to choose a patch of grass which was not suffering from being cut too short from the lawnmower last fall.  Such areas were in short supply.

I did have to shoot this picture using and telephoto lens and peeking though a chain link fence.  Getting that position right while still achieving a decent photo can sometimes be a interesting adventure in contortion and holding perfectly still.

I was loving the cloudy skies that day for the soft, diffuse, and even light I was receiving.  It really made this shot into what it is.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of white flower petals fallen on a green grass field in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho