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Alex Boyé Concert at the 2016 GTC Jamboral

Alex Boyé Concert at the 2016 GTC Jamboral
It was the crowning event of Jamboral to have famous professional singer Alex Boyé come and perform.  What a concert it turned out to be!  We had the privilege of being the official event photographers for the Jamboral which put us in for getting official concert photos on behalf of the Grand Teton Council.  Check out some of the amazing photos we got.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality concert photograph of singer Alex Boyé in costume standing against the sky in Firth, Idaho
Alex Boyé is a talented singer of African decent though he was born in London, England.  He spent some time as a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir before making the decision to go professional.  Once he added the sounds of his African roots to the music he creates, it was his ticket to stardom.

After drawing in a crowd for the sound checks and some warm ups, Alex went for some publicity autograph signings in the Council's VIP tent for the event.  It was there that he was connecting individually with the scouts and members of the public at large while signing shirts, hats, special edition collectible trading cards, hands, and anything the boys would hand him.

Some of the guests were so memorable that I had to take photos of them.  These included a girl in a wheelchair and a small boy who had undergone facial reconstruction surgery after a car accident. Without permission from their parents, I can't show you those touching photos though.  The Council is making arrangements for distribution of those photos to the individuals depicted and their families.

After a short autograph session, it was time for Alex to go get ready for the big event.  We also made sure that we were ready with empty memory cards and camera settings ready for the show.  We were glad for the roped off section in front of the stage as it gave us unobstructed room for photography.

Thanks to some technical difficulties, the show was a little late in getting started.  There were some very nervous support staff scrambling around to get things working.  Once the problems cleared up, Alex Boyé emerged on stage to the explosion of applause and cheering from the crowd.  He even captured the moment in a selfie video and posted it on his Facebook page.  Here it is below.

If you look closely right at the last second of this video, you can see me in front with my camera ready to take any photos I could.  It's really fast so you won't even know I'm there unless you look hard.

Alex Boyé performed with some amazing pieces such as "I Am Gold," "The Lion King," "Winner," "Have I Done Any Good," "Peponi" a cover of Coldplay's "Paradise" with the Piano Guys, "Lemonade," "Then There's You" with Marie Osmond, and "Born To Be A Scout" along with more.

Other times, he would break out some of the various African style drums he had up on stage and do a drumming number for the crowd.  Sometimes his guitarist would join in with him in the jamming session.

When he needed a singing break, he had amazing and uplifting advice for the boys.  He encouraged them to see themselves as winners and told them that it's more important that they get back up when life knocks them down rather than what it was that knocked them down to begin with.  The boys were loving it and paying lots of attention to the advice.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality concert photograph of Alex Boyé in scout uniform standing and singing in Firth, Idaho
Every so often, Alex would stop singing and speaking entirely.  He would continue the show with a different form of entertainment.  One such occasion was with a medley of all the things which people had said to encourage him throughout the years.  These saying came from people like parents, teachers, coaches, and other inspirational figures. For this act, he put on a white mask and some gloves and was up there miming to the crowd.

The height of the concert was when Alex decided to perform his well known number called "Born To Be A Scout" from the movie "Scout Camp."  He surprised the crowd with removing his starting costume to reveal a full scout uniform shirt.  After that, he selected several young men from the audience to join him on stage.  There were lots of volunteering hands in the air but, in the end, only seven boys were chosen.

Those boys were super excited to be selected.  They began their moments in the spotlight being lectured about the importance of what Alex was about to teach them.  He taught them the dance steps for the bridge of "Born To Be A Scout" so they could join him at the right moment.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality concert photograph of singer Alex Boyé in scout uniform in person and on screen in Firth Idaho
One particular scout was quite entertaining as he was pulling silly stunts behind Alex's back as he was walking by giving the mock lecture.  Alex himself was even amused when he could catch those antics.

At the end of the song, the boys were all given the chance to dance around on stage for the fun of it.  Another young man caught Alex's attention with his wild and crazy dance which he was doing with confidence.  After a demonstration without the colored stage lights flashing, Alex Boyé commented about this young man's confidence in his dance.  The rest were given the chance to imitate it as well before being dismissed back to the audience.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality concert photograph of Alex Boyé in scout uniform singing with logo in background in Firth, Idaho
Mr. Boyé spent the rest of the concert in his scout uniform.  I felt that was a nice touch for a concert held at a scout event.  Then he told us all something interesting.  He revealed that his bishop had just called him to be an 11 year old scout leader in his ward at home.  The crowd was loving that announcement.

He spent the second half of the concert performing several of the songs listed above which are collaborations with other artists.  He even surprised us with doing a country song duet with Marie Osmond and revealing that she didn't care who or what he was other than a talented winger with whom she wanted to collaborate with.  That was another great moment.

Overall, this was a fun and exciting concert.  The crowd loved it.  I did find that Alex Boyé is a spirited singer and dancer.  I watched him sweat hard after some numbers.  He was using the whole stage to his advantage and even used the speakers to the sides to help energize the crowd.  He was energetic and fast.  His dance style is highly animated which is great for the show but problematic for the photographers who want official photos.

The guitarist was also highly animated and knew well how to not dominate the stage while still adding something to the show.  He knew when to come and feature himself alongside Alex and when to fade into the background more.  He did look like he was having lots of fun on stage though.

Thanks to my position right in front and my job of taking photos, I didn't watch the slideshow as much as I could have.  What I did see was some amazing videography from some YouTube music videos.  It nicely complimented the live performance on stage.  It even enabled some interesting and creative photographs such as the double Alex shot above and the shot below with Alex and Marie.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality concert photograph of Alex Boyé in person singing a duet with Marie Osmond on screen in Firth, Idaho
The lighting was amazing for the show.  The stage was well lit with white light in addition to colored lights for accent.  It was when the accent lights took over that I didn't like the photos I took.  The sound was great and projected all the way back to the furthest fans on the hill by the flags.

We enjoyed ourselves at the concert and also as the photographers.  We also enjoyed the publicity signing after the concert with more opportunities to take photos of Alex with scouts.  We would enjoy another opportunity to photograph another concert with Alex Boyé.