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Photo of the Week 90

Photo of the Week 90
Once again, Friday has arrived.  That means that you know what time it is.  It's once again time for the Cramer Imaging featured "Photo of the Week" to be unveiled.  Thanks to all the blooming trees, we felt inspired to make this flowering crab apple tree our "Photo of the Week" selection.

We love that springtime look when all the flowers bloom and the trees are covered with color.  It's the reason we bred flowering trees in the first place.  The pink blossoms of the crab apple tree are no exception to this either.

It is thanks to these gorgeous spring blooms that our neighbor hasn't cut this tree down.  He hates cleaning up the crab apples every autumn.  They are plentiful and messy.  He grumbles about it every year.  The only reason he hasn't replaced the tree is because of the view you can see here.  The overwhelming pink is beautiful and picturesque for the short time it's there.

It's because of this short window of time that I sought out permission in a hurry to photograph the tree.  After all, I did need his permission to shoot photos of his property and I wanted there to still be flowers on the tree when I did so.  He was happy to grant me the permission I needed.

My next challenge was the weather.  I wanted a cloudy day so that the pink highlights would still be visible.  I also wanted to avoid those deep shadows which direct sunlight imparts.  It took a few days wait.  When the day arrived, I took a walk out to the street side of the tree for the photo shoot.

I had been taking a lot of close-up and macro style shots lately so I wanted something a bit different.  I wanted to take in the grandeur of the full tree in glorious bloom.  This required my wide-angle lens and my tripod.  A little proper positioning got the fence and some other undesirable elements out of the view of the camera.  Once that happened, this photo was born.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a crab-apple tree blooming pink flowers in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho