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Photo of the Week 94

Photo of the Week 94
It's that time once again.  It's time for us to unveil our pick for the Cramer Imaging "Photo of the Week."  We know you're excited to see, so here it is.  We have elected to feature this black and white photograph of lettuce.  You heard me right.  Lettuce.  Want to know more?

This lettuce is no ordinary lettuce.  It's not edible in the slightest.  It's ornamental in nature.  That's right.  It's for looks only.  I couldn't come up with a name for it other than 'ornamental lettuce.'  It turns out I was entirely correct on that name.  This plant is called ornamental lettuce.

I had started seeing these plants popping up in certain flower gardens around town and when traveling.  I was wondering what they were.  They looked like lettuce but not in the sense that it was a head of lettuce you could purchase at the grocery store.

I went on a photo shoot to a local city park one day.  I was hoping for lots of amazing flower photos.  Sadly, the wind was my arch-nemesis that day.  Most of the flowers worth taking pictures of were tossed back and forth in the wind.  The photos were blurry and not worth anything.

To fill some time, I turned to other plant specimens in the garden.  I decided to try the lettuce I saw there.  Thanks to it's low profile, it was relatively unaffected by the wind.  I figured it couldn't hurt so I took some photos of it.

When I got to processing it, I noticed that the bright green just wasn't all that interesting to me.  Thankfully, I also noticed that there was some very interesting texture in the light and dark of the leaves.  I made the switch to a black and white image and haven't looked back.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a low key black and white ornamental lettuce head plant at Freeman Park, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho