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Springtime in Logan

Springtime in Logan
Recently, we felt like taking a bit of a road trip into Utah.  We decided that Logan was the right place to go.  With a historic temple, we made a stop on the grounds to add the Logan temple to our portfolio.  It was a great day since there were lots of clouds to diffuse the light into soft tones.

It was a busy Saturday at the temple.  Lots of people were getting married so there were families and friends everywhere.  I worked on getting what shots I could where I could and not including people in them.

Professional quality fine art photograph of the Logan Temple with a tree in sepia in Utah by Cramer Imaging

I checked out different sides of the temple in hopes of getting a shot which would work out for me.  There were some lovely angles of the temple around the back.  Thanks to a twin set of spires, I could shoot from either side of the temple and get an amazing shot if I frame the photo properly.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of the Logan Utah temple with red and white tulips at sunset
Trying for a shot of the temple with no people in it required some creativity.
I went for the iconic shot of the front of the temple.  This is a classic shot but not an easy shot to get on a Saturday with lots of weddings taking place.  I had to get my positioning and wait.  There was a lot of waiting to be done.  There were a lot of people standing around in front of the temple for photos and plan-making.

I finally got a shot before the light failed completely.  However, I found yet another family getting photos with the temple.  This family had just been sealed together.  They had a portrait photographer commemorating the moment for them.  They walked in front of me framing the shot.  Every time I thought I had a shot, someone else would walk into the shot.  It was very frustrating.

The photographer noticed that I was trying for the shot.  She insisted on getting her shot and posing the family right in front of me.  She even decided that she wanted to use the spot I was standing in to take a shot of her clients.  I had to wait for her to get done with her shot while her camera was precariously over my head.  It was awkward and felt very uncomfortable.  I hoped that she wouldn't drop something on my head.

Once she was done, she kindly offered to clear the area of the stragglers so I could get my shot too.  She kept her word.  A couple of minutes later, the wedding party guests walked out of the frame I was composing.  I got my shot of the front of the temple complete with the flowers and the fountain.

Professional quality fine art photograph of the Logan temple spire at sunset in Utah by Cramer Imaging

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