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Out for a Hike

Out for a Hike
Recently, we decided to take a nature hike for the fun of it.  We hadn't done so in a while so we were due for a hike.  It ended up being a very enjoyable experience for the both of us.  Here are some of the photos we took while out on the trail.

It's always the little details which seem to grab my attention.  The little flowers, the twigs on the ground, the pebbles, leaves, etc.  These things are the most interesting much of the time so I end up with several photos of them at the end of a photo shoot.  This pine cone is just one of those things which worked out.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a green pine cone on the ground in City of Rocks National Reserve, Idaho

My spouse commented on how this pine cone looked.  It was interesting enough to me to attempt a photo of.  I got down really close with my camera and hoped it would focus in the right place.  I didn't even have my eye on the viewfinder I got down so low to the ground.  Thankfully, it focused correctly on the pine cone and not the ground or the twig.

I saw quite a bit of grass and lots of cactus flowers in bloom.  There was lots of purple and pink to go around.  Of course, when I saw some different colors splashed in, they immediately drew my attention.  The red and yellow of this little wildflower was quite the contrast to the rest.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a red wildflower against a dark background in City of Rocks National Reserve, Idaho

This fresh bloom was just the thing to try isolating from the background.  The rock face behind it was not particularly interesting enough to keep in focus.  However, the shape of the stem and the way the flower bends were just perfect to try out in a golden mean type composition.  It worked too.

On the way out from the hike, I spotted some grass growing up on a hill, or at least an incline.  It was high enough that I could shoot up at it if I got down low with the camera.  The rest of the surrounding grasses were not nearly as tall nor as interesting as this small patch.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature black and white nature photograph of tall grass against sky in City of Rocks National Reserve, Idaho

The trick was making sure that the final photo was sharp since the wind started kicking up a bit right then.  I waited a minute or so and the wind died off again.  I quickly snapped some more shots in time.  Just after I was done, the wind came back.  This shot would have been nothing if it blurred.  It also would have been worthless if left in color.  The black and white with the low key feel really made this photo.

Little details are everywhere.  Some of the best ones are right in our own backyards.  However, every so often, we do need a change of scene in order to regain perspective.  This was one of those really nice refreshing hikes for us.