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Photo of the Week 101

Photo of the Week 101
Have you ever had one of those moments which you can't believe it happened?  It was just too lucky or that's how it feels anyways.  Such was the case with this particular photograph.  It also happens to be our featured "Photo of the Week" for this week.  It's this golden yellow dragonfly perched and posing.

I was grabbing a large pile of camping equipment and moving it outside to the car.  It was the middle of the summer and it was hot outside as well.  It was prime time for the dragonflies to emerge.

As the pile got bigger and bigger, I happened to notice that there were several dragonflies swirling around.  There were some large red and black ones which I wanted to get pictures of.  I decided that I would pause in amassing the gear for camping and go grab the gear for my camera.

I didn't end up getting the red and black dragonflies.  They disappeared right about the time I got my camera out.  Just typical right?  I did notice some smaller yellow ones still hanging around though.  The didn't all disappear on me so I took my chances with them.

It was very windy that day.  It kept gusting up and driving the insects around.  When one of them finally did land, it was a really convenient place too.  I started snapping away with my macro lens for that tight-in feel.  I took lots of terrible photos because of the wind blurring the insect.  It didn't let up much but when it did, I was there clicking the shutter.

I moved around for different angles and backgrounds.  I wanted to try having a green background to contrast against the bright yellow of the dragonfly's body.  Thankfully, some tall grass provided just the backdrop I wanted.  The sun was just right and lit up this insect's wings like fairy wings.  The rainbow effect is beautiful.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature insect photograph of a resting yellow dragonfly with green background in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho