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Photo of the Week 99

Photo of the Week 99
Another Friday has arrived.  It's something to celebrate.  We've got just the thing to start off your weekend plans with: checking out what Cramer Imaging has selected for featured "Photo of the Week."  We can all do with some more beautiful photography in our lives.  This week, we've chosen to share this photograph of a cliff face with a bright blue sky.

It was high summer when we started looking for some photo opportunities.  We started checking into some other local spots because the normal haunts were getting a bit on the boring side.  This required some extensive travel in order to find just the right place.

When I saw this cliff face, I knew that this was one place to try.  I also knew what would make this shot work.  It needed that horrible direct overhead sunlight of noon.  It needed the light that I typically avoid.  It's this light which would emphasize the steep rock face and the texture which goes with it.

We headed out one hot summer day for this shot.  It was fine for the first few minutes of shooting time but, after a while, the heat started getting to me.  I was glad that we packed along some water for the occasion.  I was still looking for all the shade I could get just to get out of the sun.

I was grateful for the bright blue sky we had as weather that day.  This photo would not have worked out at all if it would have been cloudy.  I would have lost the texture I came for.

I wanted to make sure that I got the right shot for processing so I took several photos of the cliff side.  This even meant walking in the road to remove obstacles.  This is not something to do if you have any suspicions of cars coming.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a rocky cliff face in the mountains in Caribou National Forest, Bannock, Idaho