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A Slice of Heaven in Twin Falls

A Slice of Heaven in Twin Falls
We've been adding more to our LDS temple collection lately.  It started with some photos of Logan and Rexburg and has continued with adding in some St. George last week.  This week, we add yet another temple to the portfolio.  This time, we visited Twin Falls Idaho to photograph that temple.

 Professional quality fine art photograph of the Twin Falls Idaho temple front glowing by Cramer Imaging
This temple, unlike some of the others listed before, is situated in a flat plain area.  This means that it's difficult to get interesting features of the land into the shot since there aren't many to be used for that purpose.  It's a relatively recent addition to the LDS temple chain building across Southeastern Idaho.

This temple is one of the smaller temples and is situated on some smaller grounds than some of the other local temples.  Because of this, there weren't many trees to experiment with different kinds of photos and positions with.  The skies were also very drab for much of the day.

Thankfully, there were some clouds towards the end which made for a more interesting shot or two.  I also had to wait for the light to be less harsh for the photograph.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of the Twin Falls Idaho temple spire against the sky with clouds
There was more than one adventure in store for me.  I got my tripod set out and my camera ready for several different takes where I had a good view.  Then this truck drove up in front of the temple and parked.  It was blocking part of the front view.

I decided to try for a closer view of the temple front to get the truck out of the picture.  When I went up, the driver started up the vehicle and drove off after a couple of minutes.  I didn't have to say or do anything.

Thanks to the very directional light of the day, I didn't try for many different angles of the temple because the light would have been horrible.  I did try for some different shots of the front which included some close-up work on the steeple.  I had no idea that the steeple for this temple is so dark in color.  Well, we learn something new every day.

The trip out to Twin Falls for photos was pleasant and I was delighted to be able to add this temple into my portfolio.  If you want to buy fine art prints of either of these images, just follow this link to our online store.  You can also browse through some of the other LDS temple photos we have as well.

Is there an LDS temple which is special to you which we don't have in our portfolio yet?  Want to see our take on it?  Share it in the comments and we will try to get a photo up there as soon as we can.