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Utah's Ancient Red Skyscrapers

Utah's Ancient Red Skyscrapers
The earth is bathed in red.  It's reaching, reaching for the sky.  All the while the blood of iron is weighing it down.  It's tied down forever but forever pointing heavenward.  Such describes the rock formations we recently discovered for ourselves out at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

We'd been meaning to get out and check into some other scenery outside of the local flavors.  We wanted to add something different into our landscape portfolio.  We recently got the chance to do just that with an unexpected trip down to southern Utah.  While we were there, we decided that we wanted some photo shoot time and to check out some of the beautiful landscapes which that region of the country is so well known for.  The easiest for us to get to was Bryce Canyon National Park.

Most of the time, the national parks require an entrance fee to see the landscapes and the features.  This park had a few nature areas which were open to the public and fee free.  We took advantage of that opportunity despite the sizzling summer heat and sun of the lower desert there.

The Tropic irrigation canal was an interesting stop along a very scenic byway called 12.  It's a nice little hike in to see the waterfall and the entrance is guarded by spectacular tall red rocks.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of red rock formations and dramatic sky in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
These are some of the rock formations you can see on your way into the Tropic irrigation canal waterfall.
We enjoyed our hike and I took lots of pictures.  When we were done, we started back to the car.  My spouse had to make a pit stop at the bathrooms located at the entrance.  I decided to take a couple of last minute shots.

I had been told that the sunlight was necessary in order to bring out the color of the rocks.  Otherwise, the photos wouldn't turn out well.  I knew that I could handle the color in Lightroom and Photoshop so I went for a shot in the shade.  It was my best decision of the day.

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