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Photo of the Week 104

Photo of the Week 104
And so another Friday morning has arrived.  It's almost the weekend again.  It's also time to fill your Facebook feed, your email inbox, your rss feed, or however you tune into us with another example of our beautiful photography and tell you the story of how we got the shot.  Stay tuned, here it is.  This week, we are featuring a beautiful sunset photo with clouds lit up.

This was one of those shots I didn't intend to go and get but was more than happy to take once the opportunity presented itself.  It was the big blood moon shoot.  The moon was very close to the Earth and it was also in a lunar eclipse that night.  Everyone was interested in photographing that subject that night.

I decided that I wanted to do something more dramatic than shoot a close-up of a lunar eclipse.  After all, such photos are more interesting with a landscape in the shot as well.  We drove out to one of our favorite spots to take landscape shots: the Teton mountains.  There, we set up and waited for the moon to rise.

I kept checking behind me in case I had another episode of what is behind me is also worth shooting.  I happened there before so why couldn't it happen again?  I thought so too.  As the sunset was to my back, I had to turn around to check on its progress.  Once the sun moved to a certain point in the sky, the clouds started lighting up.  The moon hadn't risen yet so it was a wonderful opportunity to get a sunset shot too.

When I got back home and started processing up the gems of the night, I selected this photo as I loved the bright color and lack of bright color in the clouds.  However, it just wasn't working out as I had hoped upon initial selection.  I decided that this photo would be a great chance to try out a technique called split toning to see if it would help.

I started messing around with the color of the highlights and the shadows using Lightroom in the hopes that I could come up with a winning combination.  As it turns out, the split toning technique was exactly what I needed to add that extra something special to this otherwise lovely sunset photograph.  It emphasized the fire in the clouds while maintaining the color of the sky where I wanted it.

 Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature cloudscape photograph of a colorful sunset lighting up clouds in Tetonia, Fremont, Idaho