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The Longest Currently Running LDS Temple

The Longest Currently Running LDS Temple
Well, the temple photo collection in my portfolio was feeling a little on the light and less visited side lately.  I had to do something about that.  I wanted something new to add and from a temple I didn't already have photos from before.  Then, when the opportunity came, I took it.

When we needed to make an emergency trip down south for family reasons, I made a point of bringing my camera with me.  I never do know when I will have the chance to take photos of something new and exciting so I had to bring it with me.  This trip presented more than I anticipated.

When we got to St. George Utah, it was hot.  I mean it was really hot.  It was well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the baking sun of July.  This made for some unpleasant shooting conditions.  I knew this would be a fast shoot simply for creature comforts reasons but I wanted to make the most of what I could that day.

I was navigating shade patch to shade patch in hopes of getting a usable photograph.  It isn't easy to find the best angles when you're trying not to burn up in the heat but I managed to get some good angles anyways.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of the St. George Utah temple in profile with plants and clouds in sky

This side of the temple, with the green vegetation overhead, was one of those good angles that day.  The added trees on both sides of the temple really compliments the touches of green leaves overhead from the overhanging tree.  The bright blue sky was one of the best assets that day and really made the shot with its contrasting color.

We're delighted to add this beautiful photograph to our LDS temple collection in our portfolio.

Is the St. George temple something special to you?  Were you endowed there or did you get married there?  Is it your favorite temple or simply your temple district?  Want an original photo of this historic temple?  Then look no further.  Use this link right here to head to our online store where you can buy prints for yourself today.