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Photo of the Week 107

Photo of the Week 107
Hooray for another Friday and another weekend coming in just a few hours.  We've been working hard and we're sure that you have been too.  You deserve a quick break in the middle of this last difficult day of the work week.  Take some time to check out our featured "Photo of the Week" as some down time.  This week, we're featuring the fair.

Local Eastern Idaho residents know that this coming week is the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot.  It's a time for fun and for showing off our projects.  In celebration of this upcoming fun, we are featuring a photograph which should help remind you of what is coming: the carnival.

This photo came from last year's fair.  I decided to try out some photography there.  The most interesting place to take pictures, at least for me, was in the carnival section.  With it's bright lights and colors, I felt that I couldn't lose in that section.  It turns out that I was right.

I got the idea to try for an aerial view of the fair.  Lacking a drone for remote controlled camera work, my best choice was one of the two Ferris wheels which were prominently above most of the skyline.  The smaller of the two restricted my view and didn't look safe to take my camera up with.  It has those open seats which would dump anything on the floor as soon as they started swinging.  I obviously chose the larger and more enclosed seat ride for good reason.

When sunset came, we made a bee-line for the carnival and the larger Ferris wheel.  I prepared my camera during the motion portion and tried for a few shots just in case.  The movement of the wheel was too much for the kinds of photos I wanted so I gave up while riding.

As soon as the wheel came to a stop to let off passengers, I started snapping away at the scene before me.  I could see a beautiful sunset along with the pizzazz of the fair below me.  The swinging of the pod wasn't going to stop me.  Thanks to my determination, careful timing, and creative positioning around the beams of the wheel itself, I captured this photo of the fair for you to enjoy.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of aerial view of Eastern Idaho State Fair carnival in Blackfoot, Bingham, Idaho at sunset

May your experience at the fair this year be filled with fun, games, and family.  We hope to see you there.