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Photo of the Week 109

Photo of the Week 109
Today is a Friday of fall colors.  It's the peak of the autumn leaf colors in addition to also being Friday.  This means that you get to enjoy a featured "Photo of the Week" for this week of gorgeous fall leaf colors.  We hope that this will help tide you over until the weekend arrives.

This lovely photo is of a little leaf linden tree.  They have these glorious golden yellow leaves which are very showy but rather short-lived.  When the tree sheds, it drops most everything at once.  I decided to try for a shot of these leaves before the tree totally shed everything.

I kept checking out the windows for the right time for pulling out my camera.  I wanted some of the soft and diffuse sunlight which comes at sunset too.  When the time came, I snagged my gear and started looking for a good subject to shoot.

I tried several angles, including wide angles of the tree, looking for the right shot to add to my portfolio.  I had little wind to worry about with this session than with other sessions.  It was a surprising and pleasant change for once.

Once I felt I had something, I took my camera back inside and started the work of culling and processing.  This shot rose to the top of my list for possibles to process.  The problem was that it was too bright in the background and the yellow needed some adjusting.

I worked hard to dial in the photo to where I wanted it.  I got rid of the bright background and got the color of the leaves to the glorious golden color I was looking for.  When I did, this beautiful photograph was born.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of yellow little leaf linden leaves on tree branch in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho