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5 Reasons Why Fine Art is an Essential Part of Your Dream Home

5 Reasons Why Fine Art is an Essential Part of Your Dream Home
Everyone has their dream home.  It usually is something big with lots of storage space, huge rooms, and the latest and greatest in technology.  For most people, fine art is an after-thought when it comes to their dream home.  It's something that they realize they want at some later time.  It shouldn't be.  It should be one of your top priorities when creating your dream home and here's why.

Fine Art is Inspirational

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature and fine art photograph of the Idaho Falls temple and waterfall landscape in Bonneville, Idaho
Religion is spiritual.  So is art.
Fine art adds beauty to your life.  That is a well established fact in the design world.  Having something both pretty and beautiful to look at can do wonders for improving your mood in addition to those which whom you live or work with.  It can also be a spiritual addition to your life if you buy the right artwork.

Fine art gives you a place to look.  It also gives you a center to focus on when you need to think or contemplate something.  It's much easier to look at a piece of art than a back-lit screen, such as a television or computer monitor, when you need those crucial moments of daydreaming to crystallize something in your mind.  We all need a little more inspiration in our lives and fine art is one of the best ways to get it.

Fine Art Says A Lot About You

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a tall red rock formation in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
What do you automatically get about me with this photo?
Fine art says more about you than most everything else does.  Other than the company you keep, fine art shows what kind of person you are.  It shows if you are traditional, quirky, or modern.  It shows the colors you like and what you enjoy looking at.  It is the ultimate way to show off your taste without going out of style or becoming antiquated.

If I were to pay a visit to your house right now and look at the walls, I would get a good idea of what is really important to you.  If I see family portraits (which do get looking dated after a couple years), then I know you highly value your family.  If I see concert posters, I know what your favorite bands are and how important music is to you.  If I see fine art, I can see a level of maturity and a sense of what you define as beautiful.  I can see deeper into your soul that way.

Fine Art Is Timeless

Professional quality nature macro photograph of blooming white wildflowers against green in Tetonia, Teton, Idaho by Cramer Imaging
Flowers will always be popular artwork.
The latest tech is really fun to dream about in your dream home.  The problem is that the latest tech is only the latest tech for a couple of years at best.  Then it tends to enter the general consumer market at a cheaper cost.  This is because there is something else which is new and better.  This is the trap of basing your dream house on the best tech toys.

Fine art has staying power.  There are pieces of art which are several centuries old but are never out of fashion.  People still love the works of the great masters in painting, such as Da Vinci and Van Gogh, so much that there is a large consumer market out there for cheap reproductions of their best classic works.  I doubt the same will be said for the iPhone no matter how cool it is now.

Fine Art Sets A Mood

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a walkway arch pointing to a landscape in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Check out how energizing this warm-toned photograph is.
The kind of fine art you choose to display will set the mood for the entire room.  If you want a room to be peaceful and calming, you choose darker blues and greens.  Water scenes are the perfect feature on the wall to create that calming and peaceful atmosphere you seek.  If you want to create a feeling of energy and life in a room, you seek out brighter colors like yellows and oranges.  To complement this particular vibe, you would seek out bright and cheery fine art, such as flower fields, for that extra special touch.

Designers often point to paint and other elements as being what you first notice when entering a room.  This may be the case but your eyes don't linger there.  Your eyes will stay on the artwork in the room.  It's your best way to leave a strong conscious impression of the atmosphere you want your guests to feel when they enter the room.

Fine Art is an Investment

Cramer Imaging's professional fine art photograph of a railroad or train bridge over a river between Fremont and Madison counties, Idaho
The display medium is a big part of heirloom status.
At this point in your life, you are looking for things with some staying power for more than just yourself.  You are also looking for something which could turn into an heirloom for your children.  Fine art is just such an investment into your future.  If you choose the right fine art for your home, then you have chosen something beautiful which will continue to hold both sentimental and intrinsic value for years.

The right choice of fine art will not end up at a local thrift store or auctioned off after your passing because your children don't care about it or have room for it in their homes.  They will find room to keep it and display it.  They will take care of it and teach their own children about where it came from.  It will be a treasure to them and they will remember you when they look at it.


With the proper installation of fine art in your dream home plan, you will gain inspiration, talking points, a complete feel to the room, an heirloom, and design element which will last through the fads of today.  It will complete the transformation of your home into your dream home with minimal effort on your part.  We look forward to seeing how you incorporate fine art into your homes and make them over into your dream homes.

Since you know that fine art is essential to your dream home now, you might be wondering where to buy some for a reasonable price.  That's really easy to solve.  Just drop by our online store where you can check out our fine art photography.  It will work well with your home and help make that transformation possible that much quicker for you.