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Fine Art vs. Family Photos

Fine Art vs. Family Photos
Which is better for your wall: fine art displays or family photos?  Well, we admit we might be a bit biased in that regard, but we see that there is a place for both.  Fine art is for the walls in the more public areas of your house while family photos are for the more private areas.

Are family photos or fine art a better display choice for the public areas of your home? #fineart #portrait

The old home decor social rules have relaxed somewhat in recent years, but it was once considered a serious etiquette error to use prominent family photos in the more public areas.  It used to be that if you had a front room or salon to greet guests and a family room for living, you would put the fine art in the front room and in the formal dining room where you would have dinner parties.  Family photos, if you choose to display them, go in the family room, hallways near bedrooms, and bedrooms.

This adorable little girl doesn't look like this now.  You wouldn't recognize her from this portrait if you saw her right now.  This is one of the hazards of making family portraits your featured art.
There are a few problems with big public displays of family photos.  One is that people, especially children, change over time.  After a year or two, you don't even look like the same person.  This means you constantly need a new photograph to display.

If you choose this option, your choices are to either have a lousy snapshot taken by some amateur with a camera (or worse, a camera phone), or take on the task of gathering people together and getting another formal portrait done.

For the amateur photographer route, you will have some problems to deal with.  Can you get everyone in the frame and still see their faces?  Do you have someone who can take the picture for you or will you have to hope for a camera timer to work right?  When I was young, my father had a decent camera and we got together in my grandmother's backyard for a portrait.  My dad set the timer and ran to get to his place in the shot.  It took several tries to get it right.

If you opt for the formal portrait route, you have a different set of problems to deal with.  You must find a competent portrait photographer with an open appointment slot which you can schedule your portrait in.  If it's a single person or smaller family unit portrait you are after, maybe this task isn't so bad.

Group portraits get progressively more difficult to pull off as the number of people involved increases.  The task of taking a formal family portrait becomes infinitely more complicated when distance and schedules enter the picture.  Because of this, getting all of your grown children together with their children for a large family group photo is going to get harder every year.  Is it worth the headache to you for a public wall display in your home?  Only you can decide that.
Is it worth the headache in coordination to get wall art #portraits which won't be accurate for long?
Professional quality nature macro photograph of blooming white wildflowers against green in Tetonia, Teton, Idaho by Cramer Imaging
A piece of fine art like this will stand up to time.  It shows off your personal taste very well.  You don't have to worry about it being passe either.
Another problem to think about is how many of your guests know your family?  How often do you get family photos done?  "Oh, that's my son's senior portrait.  Isn't he handsome?  He just had his third child."  That statement feels a bit tacky to a stranger.

Family portraits are great but most of your guests aren't likely to be part of your family.  We all know that listening to stories about someone's relatives is boring to everyone but the person telling the story.  Looking at family photos is often similar.

Sure, we all pretend to like such things to be polite.  People who have known your family for a while may be interested in your family photos but, when you invite the new neighbors over for dinner, those pictures just won't be that interesting to them.

We do want you to have family portraits and photos to enjoy.  We're just saying we know that absolutely no one is as big a fan of your children and grandchildren as you are.

Instead of publicly showing off your prized but dated family photos, why not show your taste and class with fine art that sets off your decor?  It will look all the more amazing in a frame that you've custom chosen for your home and had a local artisan build for you.  Buying fine art for the public areas of your house will not run the risk of becoming dated like clothing and hair styles do.  You can easily find high quality art which fits your taste and your living room.  Your friends, old and new, will enjoy your taste and your sense of style.

Since you may now be reconsidering what art you want to display in your home, why don't you head over to our online store?  You can buy fine art prints of all kinds of high quality photographs which should work well with your home decor scheme.