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Long-Lived Autumn Leaves

Long-Lived Autumn Leaves
It's that time of year where the leaves change into different colors from their usual green color.  The sudden appearance of yellow, gold, orange, and red adds some real variety to the scene outside our windows and doors.  It also makes for some great photography if you can get out there and take photos in time.

This year, autumn has been lasting much longer than normal.  It's been unseasonably warm which lets the trees keep their leaves much longer than usual.  We've had several weeks in a row of brightly colored leaves to look at.  This beats the normal two week window of time which we normally get around here.

Even though the weather had been unusually cooperative for me lately, the photography has not.  I've been trying to get a decent photograph of fall leaves this year and everything has just been less than acceptable for me.  It's disappointing but I keep going.

On a trip up to Idaho Falls for a different assignment, we decided to stop and check out some of the fall foliage on the banks of the Snake River.  There was a lot of orange to be seen there.  It's a welcome change from the mostly yellow which we get in Pocatello.  I wanted to get some pictures just in case one worked out for me.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of orange maple leaves on a tall maple tree in Idaho Falls, Idaho

I found some maple trees which were very orange and started working on taking pictures.  The breeze was a little against me but I got some shots in anyways.  This is the one which had the most promise out of several different tries that day.

It felt really good to add some more autumn leaves to my portfolio this year.  Maple trees are great for this.  It also felt really good to get a different angle with my fall leaf photography.  Normally, I go for a close-up shot, which is almost macro, on a few leaves.  This time, I have a wider angle on the tree.  I hope that you enjoy.