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Photo of the Week 112

Photo of the Week 112
Thank goodness for the arrival of another Friday.  It's sorely needed.  The weekend is coming and Cramer Imaging has just the ticket to keep you entertained until you can go enjoy your weekend off of work.  Check out our featured "Photo of the Week" for some beauty and inspiration to round out your work week.  This week, we are featuring this photograph of a seagull walking on a beach at sunset.

This photograph's story starts off with another day of me working away in the trenches with the rest of you.  I was working hard to get things done for our business.  I wanted to do something a bit different than endless social media and blog post writing (all necessary but tiring).

When my spouse got off work that day, we grabbed our camera gear and jumped in the car for a ride.  Instead of heading north to Idaho Falls for photos, we decided to head west to American Falls to try out our luck there.

For those who don't know, American Falls is the site of one of the large water reservoirs in the area here.  Thanks to it being a part of the swift Snake River, it's not a place to go swimming unless you don't plan on coming back alive.  It was too cold that day for swimming anyways.

We arrived and headed in the direction of the public park next to the waterfront.  Thanks to the lateness of the season, the waterfront was so very far removed from its high water point that we did some serious hiking to get down to the edge of the water.  Towards the end, it ended up being a hike through some very wet, sticky, and nasty mud to get there.

There were lots of waterfowl there and a few people playing on their four wheeling toys in the sand.  I had to worry about whether or not one was going to speed in front of my camera lens with the shutter open and ruin the shot.  It was a close call a couple of times.

Thanks to it being sunset, the water was all lit up with the colors of the setting sun.  I had been wanting to expand my waterfowl collection to include seagulls since I didn't have a good seagull photograph yet.  This was the perfect opportunity to do so.  With a tripod, cable release, and telephoto lens, I got in close with the far away bird and captured this photograph.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature animal photograph of a seagull bird on lake shore at sunset at American Falls Reservoir, Power, Idaho