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Photo of the Week 113

Photo of the Week 113
It's amazing!  You've almost survived yet another work week and made it to Friday again.  Keep working at it.  The weekend is almost here.  In the mean time, here's something to pick up your spirits a little bit.  Check out Cramer Imaging's featured "Photo of the Week" for this week.  After all, a little natural beauty never hurt.  This week, we're featuring this photograph of looking down the tunnel of a rail bridge across a river.

We must first start off this story the disclaimer to not try this at home.  This kind of photography can be very dangerous.  Lots of people have lost their lives by trying to take pictures on the train tracks.  Others have lost limbs to being run over by oncoming trains.  The final point is that it is trespassing on private property.  You will assume any and all liability for your own actions and the railroad will not pay for your injuries.

Now that the legal business is out of the way, on with the story of capturing this photograph.

We had taken a trip up north on Interstate 15 and brought the camera gear with us.  We had been discussing for a while the possibility of trying to get a photo of a rail bridge like this.  Such photos are popular for a very good reason.  I wanted to give it a try and see what I got.

As we pulled up near Rigby, we remembered that this rail bridge was very close by.  We pulled off the freeway and made our way to the closest parking spot we could for this bridge.  It was nicely close by.

I started taking pictures of the bridge in the hopes of getting something amazing.  However, thanks to the lack of character in the surrounding vegetation, none of the photos I took were particularly good.  Then I remembered to try different perspectives with my photography.  I had some of the classic shots out of the way so it was time to experiment a bit.

Paying particular heed to the presence or absence of trains on the track, I ventured up and set up my tripod with the camera pointed straight down the tracks as you can see.  I found that I needed my cable release too in order to remove some extra camera shake which I was generating by using the regular shutter button.

This shot was captured but it wasn't right yet.  When I got back and processed it up, it still looked very plain to me.  Knowing that some photos like this are better without color, I de-saturated it.  It was much improved.  Then I decided to try a sepia filter just in case that worked better.  It did and I kept it.

Cramer Imaging's professional fine art photograph of a railroad or train bridge over a river between Fremont and Madison counties, Idaho