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Why "Pinterest Worthy" Home Decor May Not Be for You

Why "Pinterest Worthy" Home Decor May Not Be for You
So many articles exist out there about "Pinterest worthy" designs, arrangements, themes, and crafts.  Everyday, on Facebook, I see something else which suggests that being "Pinterest worthy" in what you do or using Pinterest for inspiration is the way to go in your home decoration plan.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Pinterst logo
These days, there are pins on Pinterest for all kinds of different purposes, the most common of which are home decor and crafts.  These topics resonate with women and are very visual.  It's an ideal fit for the social media platform but the inspiration you find there might not actually work for you.  Here's some ideas why.

Can You Really Afford to Recreate the Design?

One big problem with most of these design inspiration pins is that they often also rely upon you budget and shopping time not being a problem for you.  I'm assuming that time and money are not infinite resources for you because they aren't for me.
Can you really afford to have a "#Pinterest worthy" house?  It cost more than you think.
Cramer Imaging's professional quality photograph of a hand holding a one, five, ten, and twenty dollar bill in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
Do you have the money required to recreate the design?
Let's assume for a minute that you can find out and find available all the elements of a single inspirational home decor pin you want to emulate in your home.  Most often, these products which you see depicted as crucial elements of the pin's design aren't what you would call Wal-Mart priced products.

While there's absolutely something to be said for not using the cheaply made products which Wal-Mart or the dollar store has to offer, the furniture and other design elements in the pictures are often at the other end of the price spectrum.  They come with a big price tag attached for a single item or set of items.

These big ticket pieces of furniture, rugs, paint, pillows, curtains, and more will add up quickly to a very big final total.  Of course, this is not including deeper renovation you might need like the carpet or floor replacement, removing or adding wallpaper, redoing the ceiling, or a host of other more maintenance level repairs, upgrades, or replacements which you might find need to be done.  This is a serious matter to consider if you own an older home.

Are you financially prepared to pour potentially thousands to tens-of-thousands of dollars into your "Pinterest worthy" home?

Will the Design Work in Your House?

I don't know about you, but I don't have high vaulted ceilings or a sweeping staircase in my home to duplicate this look with.  There's no room for a piano either.  This "Pinterest worthy" design will not work with the house I live in.
Another huge problem is that the ideas presented are not presented for a house which looks like yours.  Professional designers were used to create these visions of beautiful homes in carefully selected spaces.  This means that, though the images and plans you see are gorgeous, these same plans might be disastrous when you try and mirror them in your own home.

Let's think about if for a second.  Does your home have a giant bay window?  Does your kitchen have an island?  How about an entryway?  Hardwood floors?  Sliding glass door and patio?  Fireplace with a mantle?  While your home may have some of these elements, I think you're probably getting the idea.  Most of these undeniably beautiful home decor ideas are amazing when set up in specific space like a photo studio or in one specific house (the one depicted).

Your house has its own individual layout which probably looks nothing like what you see in the picture.  This means that the smart layout and design of the pin won't work in your space as shown if it even works at all.  The professional designers, who created those enviable pins you want to emulate, are not there with you to turn your home into the same thing.

Another concern is whether or not the individual elements used will work in your home.  The furniture used may be uncomfortable, easily broken, or just plain not fit where it's supposed to go.  The fabrics may stain, rip, or fade too easily.  The paint may add color the photo in the pin but darken your room too much.  The rug may be too big for the space it's supposed to lay.  The list goes on.
Before you start creating one, will a "#Pinterest worthy" home design work in your home?
Work with the charms and flaws of your home to make it your own and not a cheap imitation of someone else's idea of a dream home.  This will be so much more satisfying to you than being a copy-cat no matter how good the material is to copy from.

Can You Maintain the Design?

These figurines are dust catchers and will break if children play with them.
Let's face it, housekeeping can be a full time job in and of itself.  Husbands, children, and pets are messy.  I have seen the exceptions with both children and husbands, but the general rule is that they don't often help when it comes to keeping things clean and in place.

Do you think that breakable knick-knacks will survive with young children (even visiting grandchildren counts here)?  Do you think that designer furniture, rug, and curtains will stand up to teething and not-yet-house-broken puppies or cats sharpening claws?

Those beautiful design ideas don't take real life into account most of the time but you must when shopping for your home decor. It won't do at all to go and buy a beautiful lamp for your living room only to have it broken and need replacing in a week or less.  The same goes for figurines, glass table tops, vases, and any other fragile decor elements.
"#Pinterest worthy" decoration plan are sometimes fragile.  Will it work with what life gives you?
Another point to consider is: how easy do you think that this design idea will be to keep clean?  People don't envy extended cleaning routines no matter how good the room or home looks.

Cramer Imaging's photograph of cleaning chemicals in spray bottles, disposable blue gloves, a red rag, and a duster
Any home decor design which adds dramatically to your cleaning routine is more expensive in your time than it may look.
If you can't safely answer these questions with the knowledge that you won't have to worry about destruction or added cleaning, then having a "Pinterest worthy" house is probably not for you.


Having a "Pinterest worthy" home decoration plan may be a lot more trouble that it's worth to you.  It's probably going to be a financial burden.  It will take away your individuality in your own home, a place which should scream who you are more than any other place.  It also might not stand up to the riggers of what life at your house has to throw at it.

Instead of trying to measure up to someone else's idea of beautiful and organized, why don't you create your own vision there?  It might be more difficult and take more time to create but it will be far more satisfying in the end to you.  By all means, take inspiration from some of those pins if you truly find something there you can use but leave what doesn't work for you and your house behind.