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Amazing Herbivore Photographs

Amazing Herbivore Photographs
Many times, when I got out in the field for a particular photograph, I don't end up getting the shot I want.  I usually end up coming back with something, but it's not was I was initially trying to capture.  This is perfectly fine.  In fact, it's a great portfolio builder exercise to do so.  The photos we are publishing this week are some of those kinds of photos.

When I received a request for a particular kind of large mammal in a photograph, I honestly didn't have one.  I also didn't know what I was going to do to get one at this late time in the season.  These animals are reclusive at the best of times.  It's getting into winter.  They'll be almost impossible to find.  Then, it hit me.  Try out some of the local zoos.

After assessing which of the local zoos stood the best chance of having the animal I wanted, I made arrangements for the trip.  I loaded up the camera gear when the day arrived.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a white mountain goat climbing a rock pile with autumn leaves in Rigby, Idaho

When I got there, the light was absolutely terrible.  It was harsh and direct.  I was discouraged, but we had already paid the fee to get in, so I went ahead and tried for some photos.  It was also a good time to get photos of other wildlife too.

Many of the animals were out and even showing off.  There was a bull elk which was feeling very territorial and stripping his antlers on a tree.  The deer were hungry and chomping on the grass they had.

Not all the animals were interesting, however.  The bears, for example, were mostly napping.  The mountain goats were hanging out in the shade where I couldn't get a good shot of them.  The buffalo were merely standing around next to some ugly fences.

It took a few passes through the exhibits before I started getting some photos which might work out for me.  The mountain goats started getting more active later in the afternoon.  They started climbing the rocks in their pen.  It was then that I captured the photo above.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a female deer or doe head with blurred background in sepia in Rigby, Idaho

I made sure to stay alert for photo opportunities the entire time I was there.  This paid off in dividends with this female deer (or doe) photo.  We were leaving and I spotted this deer on the way out.  I raised my camera and caught a quick shot of her face.

This zoo trip was very productive for me.  Even though I didn't get the photo of the animal I was after (they were always on the wrong side of the pen from me), I still managed to get some beautiful photos of wild animals for my portfolio.