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Arriving at the Promised Land

Arriving at the Promised Land
One of the running themes in the Bible is arriving at the promised land.  One name that the promised land has been given is also given to one of America's national parks.  This month, we took a trip to that promised land and came back with some beautiful photographs to share with you.

Zion's National Park is one of three national parks which are part of the same desert complex in the American Southwest.  Last time we took this trip down south, we hit Bryce Canyon.  This time, we caught the second leg of the triangle with Zion's National Park.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a male mule deer stag eating grass at Zion's National Park, Utah
This deer was so ridiculously tame.
Zion's National Park is a different kind of park from Bryce Canyon.  It features a motor tourism route and shuttles in to most of the rest of the scenic trail heads in the park.  Several of these trails are not for the faint-hearted as they are steep and narrow.

We took the motor route getting in and walked up one of the easiest trails available in the park called "Riverwalk."  It ends right were the Narrows portion begins.  It was a nice and easy walk with plenty of scenery to look at.

On our way back, we stopped off at the lodge.  While there, we had the opportunity to witness some deer having an evening meal on the lawn.  The mule deer stag had quite the harem of does with him.  Because of this late time in the year, there were no fawns in the mix.  It was amazing just how tame those deer were.  I could walk up close with my camera and they didn't care at all.  One tourist looked like she wanted to go pet him.  Fortunately, she refrained from doing so.

On our way out, we picked up a tip from the shuttle driver about photographers gathering on the bridge to catch the sunset light on the mountains.  This was too good of a tip to pass up on.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of the Virgin River and mountains at sunset in Zion's National Park, Utah
Since the bridge was on our way out, we decided to give it a last minute stop in hopes of catching that evening sun just right.  We were glad that there was a parking spot open near that bridge.  There was just enough space on the bridge for a few photographers to stand there and get their shots in while not obstructing traffic either direction.

I got to my position on the bridge and prepared for the shot.  I had arrived just in time to catch the light at the right moment.  I took several pictures from a couple of different angles to get just the right angle of the Virgin River in front of the glowing mountains.

The golden hour never lasts very long so this was a quick stop on the side of the road for this gorgeous photograph.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect end to an amazing photo excursion that day.

If you want to buy fine art prints of this picturesque view of the Virgin River in Zion's National Park, just follow this link to our online store.  You can order a copy there today.  Don't forget to stay tuned next week for more on our latest trip to the American Southwest national parks.