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Photo of the Week 116
It's Friday once again.  It's almost time for some relaxation and family time.  Since you have a few hours before that can take place, Cramer Imaging would like to give you something to ease that burden.  How about checking out our beautiful "Photo of the Week" while you're waiting to clock out and go home?  This week, we're featuring a landscape photograph of the Teton mountains.

The Teton mountains are part of the Rocky Mountain continental divide which runs through the North American continent.  The Teton range is on the dividing line between Idaho and Wyoming.  It's some very scenic country if you get the chance to check it out.  It's right next to Yellowstone if you happen to be in that neighborhood on vacation.

This is a story, like many others we've told, which begins with us driving out to Driggs in the hopes of getting a particular kind of photograph.  Conditions didn't end up working out for that shot so we got another photo instead.

We wanted to get a shot of the Teton range, including the Grand Teton peak, for some cover art which we were working on.  Thanks to the unpredictable weather which Idaho has during Spring and Autumn, we ran into rain on this trip.  The rain clouds were obscuring the very mountain tops which we were wanting to photograph.  The cover art shot didn't happen that day but we did get this photo while we were there.

We had taken a side trip to the Teton River Dam because it was raining further up the road and we hadn't seen the dam.  On the way back, we were watching the mountains to see if there would be even the smallest break in the clouds.  There was one break.  We pulled over and pulled out the camera.

It wasn't a very long break and it didn't show the full mountains like we hoped, but it was a very beautiful view.  After this tiny couple minute or so break in the clouds, we completely lost sight of the Teton range for the rest of the trip.  We decided to attempt the cover art another day but we did come home with this beautiful photograph of the Teton mountains.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature landscape photograph of the Teton mountain peaks and a farm field near Driggs, Idaho