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Photo of the Week 119

Photo of the Week 119
Today is the official beginning of the Christmas season in the United States.  It's time for cheer and for snow.  However, many will not see snow and many have not seen snow yet.  Here's a featured "Photo of the Week" which might help transition you into the proper season for Christmas.  Check out this winter tree with birds.

The story behind this particular photograph is a simple one.  I wanted to get some winter photos to add to my very slim portfolio of the season.  I grabbed my camera and bundled up one day for some outdoor photography in the cold.

I took pictures of lots of different subjects while trying to make sure that my fingers stayed warm enough to operate the camera buttons, dials, and switches I needed to in order to get a proper exposure.  Keeping your hands and fingers warm is a trick in and of itself which I have yet to fully master.

After trying several different ideas with the snow which had recently fallen, I was heading back in to warm up when I heard some crows making noise.  I went to locate them and spotted a rather large flock sitting in a nearby tree.  Thanks to my already cold status, I didn't want to bother with setting up the tripod.  I went for a hand-hold on this shot.

I took some photos with my wide angle lens but quickly decide that I needed some more zoom power than it offered for the shot I wanted.  Also, during this time, the birds were deciding to fly and resettle or just completely fly off.  I had to time my photo with one of their brief periods of being stationary.  After this shot, I went in to get warm.

I found that this shot didn't need much in the way of post-processing.  It looks like I turned it black and white, or at least into some grey color scheme, but I didn't.  When I tried black and white, I felt that the photo lost something, and it already looked almost black and white, so I kept it in color.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of birds sitting in a tree silhouetted with grey skies in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho