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What You Pay For When Buying a Cramer Imaging Photo

What You Pay For When Buying a Cramer Imaging Photo
You see a lot of photos here at Cramer Imaging.  You even see some pictures which you can buy.  Do you know what exactly you are buying when you hit that "Add to Cart" button?  Just in case you weren't clear, we thought that we would answer that question for you.

When you order a Cramer Imaging fine art print, you are buying a piece of photo paper with an image on it.  This is what you expect to arrive in the mail shortly thereafter.  That part is very obvious.  But there's more to what we do than just shipping you a very expensive piece of paper.

Professional quality fine art music photograph of a low key wooden acoustic violin body close-up shot by Cramer Imaging

When you buy fine art prints from us, you are buying the years of education and training which we've put into our craft.  You are buying a piece of art created by industry standard camera equipment.  You are buying the chance to visit exotic places without leaving the comfort of your own home to do so.  You are buying the hours we have spent getting the photo just right for you.
When you buy a Cramer Imaging fine art giclée photo print, you know you are getting the best.

We Are Trained

If you're thinking that you could just go buy a fancy camera and take a photography class and get the same results, you would be right but only after a long time and lots of practice.  It will take you years and even decades to get to the point where you take photos like these.  When buying our photography, you get to enjoy the results while taking a short cut on the process.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of an orange tulip flower against a green background in Logan, Utah
It took years and lots of practice to learn how to take photos like this.  You need not go to that effort if you buy one or our photos.
While some have an innate talent for recognizing good photography and what it takes to get good photography, many have to learn by trial and error.  This method of learning takes years to master as it does with any craft worth knowing.  We've taken lots of time to get trained in the craft and years to practice it through both college courses and independent study.

We're Willing to Do What It Takes

It can take hours and several tries for us to get the right light and weather conditions for our photography.  We know that your time is valuable.  So is ours.  We get ourselves out of bed at ungodly hours and go chasing perfect lighting conditions in the cold morning so you can sleep in.  If you buy fine art prints from us, you don't have to wait for the right conditions to occur and freeze in the process.  We've done all that waiting and freezing for you.

Cramer Imaging's professional nature landscape photograph of a blue toned solitary tree standing against the snow in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
Wind, rain, and snow don't stop us.
Often times, we come back from a landscape or nature photo shoot with our shoes and pants covered in mud.  Getting the right photos can require hiking into some interesting and dirty places.  It has also rained on us in the field.  Because we've gone and gotten dirty, cold, and miserable for a photo, you can stay clean, warm, and happy while still enjoying a beautiful piece of art on your wall.

We Get It Right In Post-Processing

Most people think that a photo is done once you have clicked the shutter button and then downloaded it to your computer or uploaded it to social media like Facebook or Instagram.  With fine art photography, this is far from true.  There's post-processing work which must also be done.  If you haven't looked at a raw photo out of the camera, here's a good example of what you get.

Cramer Imaging's raw example photograph of the Idaho Falls temple and waterfall landscape in Bonneville, Idaho
This raw version looks better than some I've turned into beautiful masterpieces.
It's not much of anything to write home about is it?  It's probably not something that you want to buy.  I know I wouldn't buy it the way it is above.  This is what we start working with in Photoshop and Lightroom.  When we're done with it, it often looks something like this on the right.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature and fine art photograph of the Idaho Falls temple and waterfall landscape in Bonneville, Idaho
Most photos don't look that amazing straight out of the camera.  This one didn't.
Photoshop and Lightroom are wonderful and powerful tools if you know how to use them.  It's very interesting that one is often considered a Photoshop expert if he or she knows how to properly use about 8% of its functions.  Eight percent!!!  That's not very much at all.

Also consider that it takes a few years to get a proper feel for how to use the tools built into either Adobe software package.  We've already taken that time through college and independent study.

Even after learning to use the tools, it can take hours to get a photo just right with these powerful programs at my finger tips.  I've been known to take several hours getting just one photo the way that I want it.  It's a common evening and late-night activity after coming back from a photo shoot that day.

I've even shelved many a promising photograph and come back to it another day to try getting the post-processing right.  Once again, if you buy our photos, you can enjoy the results while short-cutting past the learning process.

We Print Your Photo On The Best Materials

We've also taken the time to make sure the prints you buy are on the best photo paper that money can buy.  We know that the quality of print which a DYI photo lab puts out and we're not impressed.  You never hear of the great photographers in the industry making a stop at Walgreens photo lab to pick up prints for a reason.  Walgreens does not create Giclée prints: the photography industry standard for top quality, long lasting, and best color prints on the market.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of a farm field and equipment with colorful clouds in Rexburg, Madison, Idaho
Only the best quality paper and ink will bring out the subtle tones of this cloudscape and make it look its best for your wall.
We make sure that we get the best materials (paper, ink, etc.) and use them in creating our one-of-a-kind photographs so you can enjoy them for years to come.  Nothing less than the best will do for our customers.  You are guaranteed top quality photography prints when you buy one of our photos.


When you buy a Cramer Imaging fine art Giclée print, you are buying much more than just a photo print.  You are buying training, determination, hard work, and quality materials which you cannot find elsewhere.  You are investing your money into something which will be timeless and add beauty to your home and your life.

Since you now know what you are investing your money into when buying fine art from us, why don't you go take a look at our online store and see if there's a photograph or two which catches your eye.