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2016, A Year in Review

2016, A Year in Review
It's almost time to wrap up this year and move on to 2017.  Since it's a time for reflection, we thought that we would share some of our parting thoughts and review our year with all of you-our loyal readers.  So, without further delay, here's our year 2016 at Cramer Imaging.

We started off the year with promising to do more landscape photographs.  That was our new year's resolution to all of you.  We delivered on that promise too.  This year saw some beautiful landscape photos added to our portfolio for your your enjoyment.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a sun-bleached stump in weeds in Craters of the Moon National Monument
Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of a farm field and equipment with colorful clouds in Rexburg, Madison, Idaho

We enjoyed some equipment upgrades which have only truly benefited you loyal readers.  We got a new computer monitor which allowed us to clearly see which photos were truly worthy of being processed and published for you.  We also upgraded our camera to allow for better photo resolution and less digital noise.  The result of these upgrades?  You can see for yourself.  Amazing and perfect photos for your viewing pleasure.

We also had the opportunity to try out some concert photography at the Grand Teton Council's 2016 Jamboral with the public Alex Boyé concert.  While it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, it was high stress and also not something that we wanted to continue doing in professional photography.  It was a learning experience for us there.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality concert photograph of singer Alex Boyé in scout uniform in person and on screen in Firth Idaho

This year saw us traveling to Utah several times for photography.  We stopped in at Bryce Canyon and Zion's National Parks and picked up some amazing photographs there which have already received lots of praise and even some awards.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of a rainbow over Fairyland Point at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of the Virgin River and mountains at sunset in Zion's National Park, Utah

We even had a complete make-over of our online store.  It was sorely due for an upgrade.  In case you don't know how to find it, all you have to do is to follow this link here and you'll find our online store.

As is traditional for these kinds of articles, it's also time to reveal our most popular photograph for the year for 2016.  It's really no surprise to us that this particular photo was so popular as it's gorgeous.  Our most popular photograph for the year was "Sunset at Bryce" taken at Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape and nature photograph of Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah at Sunset Point

2016 has been a rather amazing year for us photographically.  We're a bit sad to see it coming to an end but we know that there are good things in store for both us and you coming in 2017.  Stay tuned to see what good things unfold for us next year.