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5 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

5 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas
Christmas is this Sunday.  Are you prepared with gifts for everyone on your list?  Sure you probably have something for those who live closest to you.  Have you remembered those important people which don't live as close?  Cards are nice but they're not the same when it's your parent, sibling, or child who expects more.  Then there's the unexpected Christmas guest you had no idea about.  Here's are five ideas to help with that last minute scramble for Christmas gifts.

Cramer Imaging's professionally photographed quality still life photo of three brightly colored and stacked Christmas gifts or packages
Keep these last minute #Christmas gift ideas in mind just in case you get a last minute addition to your list.

1. Candy

Cramer Imaging's professional quality holiday or Christmas product photograph of two crossed candy canes on a red background
It's really rare to run into a person who doesn't like candy and sugar in some form.  This means that, for those living close and who suddenly drop in or appear out of nowhere, candy is a reasonably good bet as a winning Christmas gift no matter the age.

Some things to think about are health concerns.  Is the persona diabetic?  Look for sugar-free options.  Does the person have an allergy to nuts?  If yes or you don't know, be safe and look for candy without nuts.

Does the person really hate cinnamon, eggnog, gingerbread, or peppermint?  Those are some strong flavors which not everyone likes.  In cases like these, or if you're just not sure, chocolate is usually a good safe bet.  A sampler full of different kinds and flavors of candy will most likely have something the recipient will like.

Candy is plentiful this time of year.  Any grocery store or general goods store or even gas station convenience store will have something which you can grab and wrap.

2. Gift Baskets

Cramer Imaging's product photograph of an example gift basket or gift box perfect for last minute gifts
You know those baskets of products which show up on store shelves this time of year?  The ones which have things like hot chocolate or coffee for two, Hickory Farms type meats and cheeses, lotions and bath salts, etc.  These are also great ideas for last minute Christmas gifts.

Just like with the candy suggestion above, make sure that you're not going to be triggering an allergy with the food or the scent you choose to give.  After all, some people, like my spouse, are incredibly sensitive to artificial scents.  Migraines are not a welcome Christmas present no matter what.

Gift baskets come in options specifically for him, specifically for her, gender neutral, and for both him and her.  You can find gift baskets at all kinds of stores for your last minute Christmas shopping.

3. Calendars

Cramer Imaging's product photograph of three arranged year 2017 themed calendars on a white background
Everybody needs a calendar.  Oh sure, people use their phones for calendars a lot.  What do they do when they need to look at a date while talking on their phone?  They look at a wall calendar.  This is a great time to shop for calendars as it's the time of year when you start seeing next year's new calendars showing up in the stores too.

Calendars come in lots of varieties.  You can get cars, girls, animals, and all kinds of other themes.  If you don't know the person well enough to buy the right theme, then there is a good general option which most people will like.  Buy a landscape calendar because everyone likes pretty scenery.

4. Watches

Cramer Imaging's professional quality product photograph of a silver wrist watch in black and white in a box
Everyone wears a watch for good reason.  We all need to know what time it is.  The world we live in runs according to that almighty clock.  This is why buying someone a watch is a good last minute Christmas present.
Watches are the universal jewelry.  All you need to know is a person's gender and you can find a perfectly adequate watch no matter what color or style the person actually likes.

Watches do wear out and everyone likes to change up their style every so often, even men do too.  This is another reason why getting a watch will be a decent choice for a last minute gift.  You just about can't go wrong when buying a watch for someone even someone you don't know at all.

5. Gift Cards

Cramer Imaging's professional quality photograph of a red gift card on a white background
Sometimes the best gift is not one that you choose but one where the recipient chooses for him or herself.  This option is a guaranteed win on the Christmas gift front as you don't have to necessarily know the person but he or she can get exactly what he or she wants.

You can easily pick up gift cards for a night out at a restaurant, an experience at a local amusement business or perhaps something more exotic like a Disney theme park, or even to a particular store such as Wal-Mart where the recipient can have a wide selection of gifts to choose from.

Gift cards have even turned up on the internet as credits you can purchase and email a certificate to someone.  You don't even need to worry about the Post Office losing the card in the mail or paying postage on your gift.

Here at Cramer Imaging, we offer gift cards like this for our fine art.  If you believe, like we do, that fine art is an amazing and unique Christmas gift which will be a hit with anyone, then you're in luck.  We offer gift cards which will be guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas as long as you order them before Christmas.  Check out our gift certificates for buy our beautiful fine art photography by following the link here or clicking on the button below.


Christmas shopping, even last minute shopping, need not be a headache for you.  If you check out options in the candy isle, gift basket piles, or gift card selection (in a retail store or online), you should be able to have gifts for all those special people in your life in time for Christmas even with little notice.

We hope that this particular article has made your Christmas a little easier to deal with as far as gift shopping.  We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.