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Photo of the Week 120

Photo of the Week 120
Well, Thanksgiving is over and today is the official start of Christmas season 2016.  It's the beginning of a big rush for sales and for shopping.  It feels very overwhelming.  If you need a break from all the hype and sales pitches, how about taking a look at Cramer Imaging's featured "Photo of the Week?"  Our choice for this week is a beautiful photograph of a wooden violin.

This photo is part of a series of musical instrument pictures which I did for a music school.  They were in need of some art for the walls of a new branch so I did a series on musical instruments to fill that need.  This violin was a particularly nice subject that day.  I took several pictures of it since it was so inspiring.  This is one of this photos which worked out perfectly.

After getting some shots of the full instrument, I started working on getting detail shots like this one.  I propped the violin up on some pillows to make sure it would stay in the position I wanted it but not damage the body in the process.  For some reason, it didn't want to cooperate on the pillows.  It required constant rearrangement and tweaking to get it to stay long enough for a few snaps of the shutter.  It tried my patience more than once that day.

When it came to post processing, I found that this photo needed a warm feel to emphasize the tones of the wood and its finish.  I also found that I didn't like the background being lit up.  I took a lot of time in Photoshop making sure that the background behind was properly black in order to focus completely on the instrument itself.

This photo has a prominent place in my fine art photography portfolio thanks to its beauty.

Professional quality fine art music photograph of a low key wooden acoustic violin body close-up shot by Cramer Imaging
This photo is available in sizes up to 16x24 inches.
This beautiful violin photograph is a member of my award-winning collection.  It would be a wonderful gift for anyone who is currently or wishing to study the violin in music.  To buy fine art giclée prints of this picture, follow this link to our online store where you can buy a copy today and get it in time for Christmas if you want.