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Cramer Imaging's Quality Assurance Process

Cramer Imaging's Quality Assurance Process
Every high end product on the market these days undergoes very strict quality assurance standards.  This is part of what makes it such a worthwhile product to own.  Here at Cramer Imaging, we have our own quality assurance for our fine art photography.  Here's what we do to make sure that the prints you buy from us are nothing but the best.

Each Photo Must Meet Our High Artistic Standards

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a tall red rock formation in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
This photo made the cut for publishing from all the many photos I took that day.  Out of hundreds, it was one of about four.  Those up for purchase are even less than this cut.
We take a lot of photos when we're out on a photo shoot.  Most of them (more than 80%) are totally not worth even looking at.  These include the photos which are blurred, out of focus, poorly lit, hand in the way, etc.  Then there are those photos which, while there's nothing wrong with them as snapshots, they're not gallery hangers.  You and I wouldn't hang them on a wall for a good reason.

Some are worth taking a further look at and attempting to process.  Many more photos end up not making the cut from here.  They have too many issues or just won't turn out right when put through the rigors of the digital darkroom.  Most photos making it to processing will not make it to the publishing phase.

Each photograph which we publish has already undergone a rigorous culling process.  You can be assured that every published photo is one of our top 5% or so of photos.  We won't publish anything less and waste your time with so-so or terrible quality images.

As our artistic standards improve, the rigors a photo must endure to be published increase.

In order to make the cut and be listed for sale in our store, a photo must be in the top 1% or higher of our best photos.  It must also be something which you or I would want to hang on the wall.  None but the absolute best photos make this particular cut.  You know that you are getting quality when buying prints from our online store.

Each Photo is Printed on Top Quality Paper With Top Quality Ink

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature and fine art photograph of the Idaho Falls temple and waterfall landscape in Bonneville, Idaho
Imagine the subtleties of color in this photograph which would be lost on this photo without our careful selection of just the right paper and ink for it.  It wouldn't look right at all.
Since we are creating a one-of-a-kind work of art for your wall, we won't stop our quality assurance with just photo selection.  We take your physical print seriously too.  This is why we did an extensive comparison of printers, inks, and photo papers on the market today to find the best available for our photos.

We made sure that we chose paper which is acid-free and lignin-free to ensure that your prints will last for years to come.  We also selected a semi-gloss or luster finish so that your prints will have a glossy sheen, which helps increase color saturation, but without being too reflective so you can't see the image itself.  We chose a paper which is a vivid white so that we can print truer colors in your final print.  The final criteria for our paper choice was to make sure that it created crisp and sharp images for you to enjoy.

Our next concern was what kind of ink would be used to print your photo with.  It had to be acid-free and archival.  It had to be fade-resistant as well.  We also wanted the truest color which we could get for your photo prints.  This meant that we chose a high-end photo printer which has no less than 3 different colors of both magenta and cyan ink.  This allows for the greatest range and deepest subtleties of color we can get.

We Personally Inspect Every Print Before We Ship

Cramer Imaging's graphic of a yellow seal with quality written on it in black
It may seem like overkill or redundant, but we feel that the best way to ensure that you get the best possible print from us is that we personally inspect every print before we ship it to you.  With this step of quality assurance, we can guarantee that YOUR print will meet our rigorous artistic standards.

If a particular print doesn't meet our standards, it doesn't ship.  It's just that simple.

Our Shipping Company Cares About Your Package

We compared the standards of the three major shipping companies and went with the company which we feel most cares about your package.  They will go to a great deal of trouble to see to it that you package is undisturbed and intact when it arrives.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a blooming apple blossom flower on a tree in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho

We personally deliver each print to the shipping company and inspect the packaging which your print will be shipped in to make sure that there are no problems with the packaging itself.  If there's a hole or a snag which may damage your print, we won't use that tube to ship your print.

If ever there is a problem, because life happens, and your package arrives damaged, contact us and we'll see what we can do.


Each photo print we create at Cramer Imaging undergoes a rigorous multi-step process to meet our standards of quality.  We check everything from the actual photo itself to the shipping packaging to make sure you receive the best possible fine art giclee print from us.  It will be a heirloom for your family thanks to its archival quality materials.

Now that you know what kind of process we use for our fine art photography, please go check out which photos made the cut and landed in our store.