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Photo of the Week 125

Photo of the Week 125
It's Friday once again.  It's the day that we show off some of our beautiful fine art photography and share the story behind how we captured the image.  It's time once again to check out Cramer Imaging's featured "Photo of the Week" before you check out for the weekend.  This week we're featuring a photograph which is somewhat of an enigma to most people.

When asked what this photo is a picture of, most people guess that it's soap or snow.  I've even seen ice caves hazarded.  It's none of the above.  What most people don't guess is that it's water flowing.  That's exactly what this photo is: water flowing or, to be more precise, water flowing over and down the side of something.  It's water flowing over a dam.

Usually when you see water flowing over the top of a dam like this, it's at a good solid flow.  There's no foaming at all.  This is because there's a great deal of water behind the flow to keep it moving.  The water behind this flow is actually at a low point.  This is what creates that foamy look.

I was out on a photo shoot, just killing some time, and I saw the water flowing over this dam.  I hadn't seen it this low before nor had I seen the foaming effect.  I wanted to capture it with my camera.

Getting in close like this to the water was no easy feat.  After all, there's lots of rails and walls to prevent people from accidentally falling into the river and dying in the water turbines.  I picked a spot as close as I could get, and still get the angle I wanted, and set up my tripod.

This was one shot which required my telephoto lens and required it to be fully zoomed in.  Only then would I get close enough to the foaming water to create the abstract shot you see below.

Once this shot was in the bag, I returned home and started processing it.  It seemed a bit dull with its natural colors so I played around with a few color options to liven it up a bit.  I ended up choosing this combination of blue and purple as I really liked how the dull grey of the shot turned into something magical.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of colored water and foam dripping in sheets in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho